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Articles about bass fishing.

By: Leigh Day
Bass Fishing Techniques Though my husband has a lot of hobbies, bass fishing is one of his favorites. He is not a lot of time to fish lately, and it is much easier for him to golf. However, this do (read entire article)
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By: Mr. Miyagi
Are you new to bass fishing for sport or hobby? Whether you are completely new to all types of fishing or just new to bass fishing, we have some great bass fishing tips to help you get started. (read entire article)
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By: Jim Cabela
Bass Pro Shops Review by Jim Cabela With over 35 Bass Pro Shop stores across the United states and sales of right at $2 billion, Bass Pro Shops is intent on becoming the leader in the outdoor sports (read entire article)
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By: Dakota Ulrich
One of the most exciting types of bass fishing is peacock bass fishing in Central and South America. The peacock bass is a thrilling fish to fish for and catch. The fish is a very aggressive cichlid (read entire article)
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By: Keil Newman
Purists object to the name because the largemouth bass is actually a sunfish. Its distinguishing features, which consist of an upper jaw reaching behind the eyes, a characteristic dent between the 2 j (read entire article)
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By: Hunter Jones
Maybe it is pouring down rain and the wind is blowing outside. You would love to be fishing but the weather just won’t cooperate. If you have a computer, all is not lost. There are many free bas (read entire article)
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By: Mick Thompson
Fly fishing for bass is set to emerge as one of the fastest growing forms of outdoor recreation in the United States. It may lack the glamour of other sports which receive extensive funding from spons (read entire article)
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By: Spencer McNight
One of the most popular freshwater fish in the state of Florida is also the largest species of pan fish, native to the state. Florida black bass fishing has become to popular that catch and release pr (read entire article)
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By: Jessie Geralds
During the spring after bass have laid their eggs, successfully fishing post spawn bass requires knowledge of the water as well as patience. The males will stay behind to guard the next while the fema (read entire article)
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By: Hunter Jones
World class attractions and theme parks at Orlando are synonymous with Disney; bass fishing in Florida’s lakes is legendary. The resort now offers exciting catch and release fishing trips on its (read entire article)
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By: Casey Howard
The trunk of a sedan is big enough to take a compact bass fishing boat with you, if you opt for an inflatable version. Many people who have been in the sport for years, and live in residences with lar (read entire article)
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By: Baily Richards
When it comes to fishing largemouth bass, Florida is the newest vacation destination. Black bass is one of the most prized fish in the United States and the abundance of this largemouth bass makes Flo (read entire article)
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By: Jamie Preston
A great country is one which you know well even before your first visit. The folklore about Mexico bass fishing is unusual, simply because it is true! Even moderated descriptions of experiences that g (read entire article)
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By: Chris Sussan
If you like to fish, there is nothing more inviting than the allure of new bass fishing lures. Every bass fisherman has experienced the call of new bass fishing lures. Your weekend is planned. Your w (read entire article)
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By: Nicky Patterson
There are several people who make their living traveling around the country pro bass fishing. They are the envy of every bass fisherman out there. These people compete in tournaments with hundreds of (read entire article)
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By: Quinn Redmond
The popularity of bass fishing has grown considerably over the past few years. People find the sport fun, exciting and a great hobby to share with family and friends or to pursue all alone. When peo (read entire article)
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By: Sky Hudgins
Fishing for striped bass can be done in all types of water and all different seasons. One thing that draws anglers to striped bass fishing is the possibility of catching a monster size fish in all di (read entire article)
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By: Keil Newman
When the words “bass fishing” are mentioned the images that come to mind are either fishing in fresh water for largemouth and smallmouth bass or salt water fishing in sandbars or above wre (read entire article)
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By: Kai LeBerge
Everybody who bass fishes on a regular basis knows about Lake Fork in Texas. This is proclaimed to be Texas bass fishing at its best. This lake is known far and wide for the underwater structure which (read entire article)
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By: Drey Peterson
It might be a child, a mate, or even a colleague from the office: few other things can match the bonds you can build in a two man bass fishing boat. Cast your mind back on your most important co-angle (read entire article)
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By: Lane Klein
White bass fishing is a popular sport with beginners because of the relative ease with which one catch the fish if one happens to be at the right place at right time. Unlike the largemouth bass, white (read entire article)
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By: Drey Peterson
Black bass fishing with shiners is not new. Bass love the bony little fish that is a member of the carp family. Shiners are farmed commercially and sold all over the United States as common bait. Blac (read entire article)
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By: Quinn Redmond
When more people think about fly fishing they think about pulling trout from a cold stream, but as water reach a tepid 60 degrees, bass can become more aggressive and provide some exciting bass fly fi (read entire article)
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By: Hunter Jones
Bass fishing with a fly rod may seem funny to you. Traditionally trout are the fish of choice when you dust off your fly rod and head out to the water, but other fish such as carp, pike, and bass are (read entire article)
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By: Hunter Jones
Bass fishing remains a hugely popular sport. So popular is bass fishing that is has spawned a circuit of professional fishermen (and women) who take part in a number of tournaments such as the Bass Ma (read entire article)
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By: Kai LeBerge
Bass fishing in Ontario is a treat for anglers because of its wide variety of bass. Even those with little experience of bass fishing in Ontario are sure to have a satisfying day on the lakes, rivers (read entire article)
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By: Baily Richards
When it comes to finding the best bass fishing in the world, there are a number of areas that are commonly mentioned. Southern California, particularly San Diego and Orange County, have a significant (read entire article)
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By: Dale Viviano
Avid bass fishermen are always looking for information on all subjects that revolve around bass fishing. It is important to the fishermen to find good reputable information about boats, bait and tack (read entire article)
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By: Glen Jackson
If you are married to a bass fisher, or you know somebody who bass fishes, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of bass fishing gifts available for the entire year. Just because winter comes (read entire article)
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By: Drey Peterson
Some people just can’t get enough of bass fishing. Once they get started, it is hard to make them stop. It is unrealistic for most people to expect to go bass fishing everyday. That is usually r (read entire article)
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By: Drey Peterson
There are many bass fishing boat companies that compete in the boating market place. Some of the companies have been in the bass fishing boat business for years and are quite experienced at building (read entire article)
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By: Evan Tyler
If you flip on your digital cable box to any number of sports programming channels, you will eventually come across a fishing program. The subject matter of the program will vary but the most common f (read entire article)
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By: Brett Franklin
A wise(fisher)man knows that checking out the bass fishing reports before making a trip is a smart move. The reason for this is that skipping the all important bass fishing reports on the activity of (read entire article)
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By: Dylan Wilson
Over the years, there has been a decided and deliberate move away from using live bait for largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing. Since bass are predators and will be attracted to or will attack some (read entire article)
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By: Casey Howard
Anyone who spends time in a fishing shop has probably noticed a bass fishing video or two on the store shelves. These videos (or DVDs) often provide valuable tips and pointers designed to improve perf (read entire article)
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By: Lane Klein
Some people just can’t get enough of fishing to satisfy their love of the sport. Everything they own is related to fishing and they may even have one of those giant resin fish-shaped mailboxes a (read entire article)
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By: Jean Houston
Anyone who spends time in a fishing shop has probably noticed a bass fishing video or two on the store shelves. These videos (or DVDs) often provide valuable tips and pointers designed to improve perf (read entire article)
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By: Francis Brompton
Angling and bull fighting are generally very different pastimes, but they come close together at top bass fishing tournaments! Nerve wracking tension, explosive action, and relentless battle between p (read entire article)
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By: Pat King
Most fishermen that have trolled for bass harbor a secret desire to win a bass fishing tournament, and a select few would like nothing more than making a career out of entering bass fishing tournament (read entire article)
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By: Evan Tyler
Looking for a few bass fishing tips? Here are the most basic ones and they deal with the basic feeding patterns of the fish. Bass fishing remains a wildly popular freshwater fishing sport and is pr (read entire article)
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By: Leigh Day
In order to be successful in any sportive endeavor, an individual will need the right tools in order to perform the appropriate tasks at hand. Attempting to undertake a sport without the proper tools (read entire article)
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By: Glen Jackson
When watching fishing tournaments on television many would-be professional anglers want to know the bass fishing secrets used by those who are paid to fish. From the time a person latches onto a large (read entire article)
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By: Charles White
I was watching a TV Show with Bill Dance and he was talking about concentration. I thought well this is going to be a boring show but of course, it wasn't. Matter of fact it made sense. Bill says Co (read entire article)
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By: Charles White
The next few days in Ohio are supposed to be in the 50's, so, guess what I plan on doing if the lakes thaw out? Yep, go fishing for bass.As you know the bass are not going to spend a lot of energy go (read entire article)
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By: Charles White
I was fishing a small lake in central California back in 1980, I think it was that year. I had been fishing for a couple of hours and doing ok, catching some 1-2 pound fish and in a far I was fishing (read entire article)
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