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Natural Parrot Food Is Much Cheaper

   By: Keil Newman

Natural Parrot Food Is The New And Recommended Way Of Feeding Your Parrot

Over the recent past, experts have come to realize that the best foods for your parrot are those that are close to what the parrots fed on when they were living in the wild. Thus, the new trend as far as parrot foods go is to feed them natural parrot food and the focus is on providing the parrot with raw as well as natural foods which will ensure the health of the parrot as well as keep him feeling lively.

Huge Difference

You would certainly come to notice a huge difference between the parrot's behavior after having fed him with natural parrot food as compared to feeding him with commercially produced foods with the latter causing several serious health issues while the former did not affect the health of the parrot; rather, it improved his behavior and general well being.

Nevertheless, there are detractors too of the theory that natural parrot food helps the parrot and according to these doubting Thomas's, natural parrot food is not enough since the parrot would also require getting in sufficient amount of exercise and be free from the harsh environment in which he is kept indoors, and therefore natural parrot food does not benefit the parrot in any significant way.

Thus, the debate rages on whether to feed your parrot with natural parrot food or use commercially produced parrot foods. No doubt, feeding your parrot with natural parrot food such as weeds and leaf buds as well as seeds and even parts of fruits has a lot of appeal, but it is also hard to ignore the many supposed benefits that commercially produced parrot foods claim to give the parrot.

There may be some merit in combining natural parrot food with commercial parrot food; though, the final choice is left to the owner who needs to draw his or her own conclusions. In any case, paying close attention to parrot nutrition will pay rich dividends when your parrot remains in good health and shows signs of being robust and even if they do not enjoy all the foods they are fed, they will at least not have to ingest pesticides or other harmful chemicals that are so common in commercially produced parrot foods.

However, even when feeding natural parrot food to your pet, you still must ensure that he is not given excess of salt which is not good for his health and thus mashed potatoes and leftovers from your dinner are no-no's because your parrot would not be able to excrete the excess salt ingested from such offerings.

Finally, you need to ensure rotating the diet of your parrot and even if you feed him natural parrot food, it must be rotated so that he does not get the same types of food each and every day. Also, the type of natural parrot food as well as its quantity must be given according to the species of parrot as well as his size, and healthy diets will certainly help add even a decade to his lifespan. So, choose his foods wisely and live to enjoy his company for many long years.

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