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Tips On Online First Aid

   By: Dakota Ulrich

Basics Information About Taking An Online First Aid Course

Anyone who is considering taking an online first aid course probably has some basic questions. That's understandable! Taking a first aid course online, particularly an online first aid course with CPR training, is a pretty new concept, and not everyone is comfortable with the idea immediately. Knowing some basic information can help you feel more at ease with an online first aid course.

Where Do I Find An Online First Aid Course?

If you use a search engine to find a first aid course, you will discover there are many options. Poke around, look at many of them, find one that looks good to you. Different people have different learning styles and will respond better to one type or another. For example, some sites are more playful and modern, others more cut-and-dried and professional. All should follow the guidelines set by the American Red Cross and/or the American Heart Association, as those are the standards. If the program you are considering says they follow them, you will be alright.

A Certificate Or Not?

Depending on whether you want to get an actual certificate or not, you might want to compare how each online first aid company handles certification. For some, they will email you your certificate immediately, and you can print it out. Others will mail you the certificate, but that takes about a week before you will receive it.

What Does It Cost?

Most online first aid trainings are free! The information is valuable and the companies that give access to the information want us to have the use of it. That said, there is a cost to getting the certificate, if you want it. Certificates are usually sold either as full sheet size (to hang on your wall) or wallet size (to whip out and show anyone, anytime). These often cost $20 - $30.

How To Pay?

Most websites are now equipped for securely paying by credit card. Your card number will be encrypted so that there is no chance of the information being stolen en route to the company. Some companies also accept payment through Paypal, an online company that is also a secure payment method.

Is It Hard?

An online first aid course is probably the easiest, least-stressful way to take a first aid course. The companies want to put you at ease ? if you are on edge you won't retain the information nearly as well as if you are relaxed and comfortable. As for the difficulty of the subject matter, the courses are designed to be average-person-friendly, so that even lay people can understand the principles and concepts of performing first aid.

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