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Influenza Virus Vaccine May Save Your Life

   By: Sky Hudgins

Will The New Influenza Virus Vaccine Be Successful?

The newly introduced way to prevent avian infection is the bird flu vaccine. Through years of experimentation, health experts have finally put a solution to our problems. Although it has been released with great certainty, how are we going to know if the vaccine works? How will we know if the new influenza virus vaccine promises immunity from avian flu contamination? Well, there can only be one way to find out and that is through self-immunization.

Is The Influenza Virus Vaccine Effective Against Bird Flu

Among the many tests conducted by several health agencies from all over the globe, the efficacy of the flu vaccine is said to be very successful. About eighty percent of the group tested showed positive results. Although it still needs to be tried and tested by many people, the influenza virus vaccine can probably be our great defense against the killer disease. Through this newly crafted ounce of fluid, we can remove our fears of getting infected with the deadly virus. Perhaps in a year's time, we can know even more about the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Why Do We Need An Influenza Virus Vaccine?

The influenza vaccine for avian infection is greatly needed and hoped for by a lot of people. More specifically, those countries that are widely affected with the disease need it. Areas like Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong are among the many countries that seek to have shots against the deadly virus.

We are in great need of such type of influenza virus vaccine because it can be our potential shield against all the types of influenza. Experts say that the new vaccine provides for a good cross protection, which means that we can be safe from all flu strains if the vaccine is given. Some vaccines of this type also provide for an adjuvant or an immune boost medication. We are also in dire need of it because a strong immune resistance can protect us from acquiring the disease.

Administration Of The Influenza Virus Vaccine

The new influenza vaccine can safeguard those who are eighteen to sixty-four years of age. It provides a great deal of protection, especially to those who are frequently exposed to the disease condition. Those who have constant contact with poultry products or poultry farms are advised to have themselves shot with the new influenza virus vaccine. The promising vaccine will be given twice in a one-month interval. If proven to be very effective, then we may have really found a way out of the avian flu problem.

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