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How Much Does Botox Cost?

   By: Jerry Gilders

Figuring Out How Much Does Botox Cost

If you are considering having botox, one of the biggest questions you probably have is how much does botox cost. Basically to the questions of how much does botox cost, the answer is that it varies, depending on the treatment center you go to and the doctor you decide to go with.

There are several factors that will alter the cost of botox, but the general price stays around the same area.

How Much Does Botox Cost

When it comes to the matter of how much does botox cost, there are several issues in particular which are going to play a major role. For one, even if you have benefits this is not going to matter because botox is considered as being a cosmetic procedure and so therefore is not covered by any type of benefits or health insurance.

It will also depend on where you are getting the botox done because if you are getting botox injections in multiple areas for instance, then you are going to obviously be paying more as an end result.

The cost of botox injections depends both on the number of units used as well as how diluted the solution is. The average cost per botox session in the United States is $350 USD, and in Canada a single injection can cost anywhere from $300 to $500 CDN.

Remember overall, that you really can't put a price on looking and feeling great, so if your wrinkles have you feeling down, it should not matter what the botox injections cost if it is going to help you feel better. It is less expensive than all other similar procedures out there, such as facelifts, so you are already benefitting from this alone.

To be sure, ask your doctor how much does botox cost before going through with the procedure, to ensure that you are aware of the costs and sure that you are going to be able to afford it.

Just remember that botox is not a permanent procedure, something that applies to most cosmetic procedures, and so you will have to continue getting them, and therefore continuing to pay for them. If you are not going to have the funds to continue paying for botox, you may want to consider getting more money together upfront and going with a procedure that is going to be longer lasting, such as a facelift because you would not have to get another for say ten years as opposed to maybe a month with botox.

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