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Do You Know Anyone With Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

   By: Evan Tyler

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

Throughout time, it has always been believed that attention deficit disorder was something that only affected school-age children. Today, it has been discovered that it also affects millions of adults of various ages. Diagnosing attention deficit disorder in adults is very difficult, but doctors are slowly working on ways to more effectively diagnose this disorder. It is believed that adult attention deficit disorder usually begins sometime during childhood and is carried over into the adult years.

Discovering the Symptoms of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

Symptoms of childhood attention deficit disorder and adult attention deficit disorder are very different. As a child, the symptoms tend to be more external such as hyperactivity and the inability to concentrate. However, as an adult, the symptoms tend to be more internal such as the inability to concentrate or the lack of interest in things that were once loved. It is believed that in some people, the symptoms decrease with age; however, they do not usually go away.

Many adults also use their intelligence and a lot of determination to mask their adult attention deficit disorder. Many highly intelligent people suffer from this disorder and pretend to be smart and well established, when the real truth is they are a psychological mess. They have very poor or low self esteem, feelings of worthlessness, and a lost of interest in all aspects of their lives. Procrastination is also a very common symptom in adults with adult attention deficit disorder. They always seem to be putting off many important things in their lives. Other adults will also suffer bouts of depression and other mental illnesses that can be linked to adult attention deficit disorder. The symptoms of adult attention deficit disorder will vary from one person to another.

If you believe you are suffering from a form of adult attention deficit disorder, you should consult with your doctor. Your doctor will be able to evaluate you and give you an accurate diagnosis. He/she will also be able to inform you of which treatment options would be best for you particular case. The one thing that patients with adult attention deficit disorder must realize is that they are not alone. Millions of adults suffer from this disorder on a daily basis and it goes undiagnosed. If you believe you have adult attention deficit disorder, you should see a doctor. Treatment options are available and they are effective. You do not have to live with adult attention deficit disorder.

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