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Patience Will Help You Get Your Ex Back

   By: Molly Laws

Patience Will Help You Get Your Ex Back

Molly Laws

You and your partner have recently broken up. After careful consideration you have decided that the two of you not being together is just wrong. The planets aren't aligned that way. You belong together and you want to get your ex back.

You feel so strongly that this break up is all a mistake that you want to contact your ex not now, but right now. By phone, email, text or in person you are determined to get in touch with your ex and explain that this break up is not right.

But this is a critical time. If you try to talk to your ex now, so soon after the break up, you could put an end to this relationship forever. It will be difficult for you but you must have patience, you have to wait.

Something Caused the Break Up

You and your ex have split up for a reason, or more likely for several reasons. The cause may not make sense to you but it is still important. If now, soon after the break up, you charge into making contact with your ex, demanding to be heard, you will make the situation even worse than it already is.

It may be hard for you to do but now is the time for patience, you have to wait.

How long you need to wait before contacting your ex will be a tough decision for you. You have to think back to the circumstances of your break up and try to judge from those how long you should wait.

If the break up happened over quite a long period, wait longer. If there was a lot of anger when you broke up, wait longer.

What do you know about your ex? How long will it take him or her to calm down? Once you think you have a good idea of how long to wait, double the time.

Use the Time Wisely

You have a waiting period to get through so use the time for some introspection and self-improvement.

Don't beat up on yourself but do look at the role you played in the break up. You need to understand your own faults and mistakes. When the time is right and you are talking to your ex about reunion you have to be able to say that you are aware of these problems and are really trying to make corrections.

Patience is key at this early stage. Practice self-control, don't rush things and work to improve yourself and you have a great chance of not only getting your ex back but becoming a better person as well.

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