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Relationship Help Can Help You

   By: Glen Jackson

About six months ago, I was in sore need of relationship help. I love my fianc? dearly, madly ? that was half of the problem. You see, the relationship advice that we needed was not of the normal kind. It wasn't about how to rekindle the relationship, how to put the spark back into the marriage, or anything like that. The problem was just the opposite. Things were too intense. We were so passionately in love that it would often cause us to fight. Whenever one of us had to go away on a business trip, the other would become jealous and unhappy. In short, we were having some serious problems and needed expert advice on relationships.

The problem is that no one seemed to offer the relationship help that we needed. We tried everything. We started off with some relationship advice columns, but quickly turned away. Looking at them, the relationship help that they gave was either hit or miss. It was not very consistent, and sometimes it seemed like they arbitrarily selected the words that they said. After that, we tried relationship coaching but it didn't work. It only resulted in endless fights until the relationship coach threw up his hands and gave up. It seemed like we were destined to never find the relationship help that we needed until a friend stepped in and showed us the way.

Off course we had heard of therapists, but we hadn't really wanted to think about it before. If we had thought carefully, we probably would have known that that was where we should get relationship help, but our thoughts never took us in that direction. You see, we are both very public people. Neither of us wants people to know that we see a therapist. Why get relationship counseling when you can go to a relationship coach instead? A coach seems so much more normal than a therapist! Still, we knew that the best way to get relationship help was to go to the experts. After all, we had tried everything else!

It is amazing how quickly the relationship help worked. The therapist didn't give us relationship tips like the coach had. Instead, he taught us how to listen to each other. That was the ingredient that we had been missing all those years. Our communication was not as deep as our love. Neither of us was listening to the other, and that is why we kept getting into fights.

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