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Flu Shots Can Aid Your Health

   By: Jean Houston

Should You Get Flu Shots Each Year?

Each year I have neglected to get flu shots, but I have always gotten one for my young daughter. I don't know why I don't get one for myself, but I guess it is because I am often the only one within my group of friends that does not catch everything that comes along. I guess it means that I have a good immune system, in general, and I don't get sick very easily. However, I do realize that these shots to prevent the flu are important for many, even if I don't think I need one.

Luckily, I have not had the flu in a long time and my decision to not get flu shots did not hurt me. However, some have to have them, and those people may be in your home. When it comes to the elderly and children under 12, it is always a great idea to get this shot each year. They are the ones that are most prone to getting each and every thing that comes their way, and the flu shots can help them avoid some of this. They have an underdeveloped immune system, or one that has weakened over the years. They can't fight off things like adults under the age of 50 or 60 may be able to do.

There are a few problems with the flu shots, but you should not allow these things to stop you from getting one for yourself or those in your family. The flu shot you get is based on the flu that went around the year before. They cannot make a shot for a variation that has yet to come about. What that means is that if the old one is still going around, which it normally is, you will be protected. However, it may not do so well against a flu that has mutated substantially. You may still get the flu if you come into contact with a new strain.

Look around each fall for information on flu shots in your area. You child's pediatrician may have them in stock, and you may even get a notice that your child can come in to get one. There are also some free clinics that offer them to children, the elderly, and adults that are at a high risk of getting the flu. There are times when doses of the flu shots run in short supply, but they do try to keep up with the demand based on what they used the year before. If the supply runs out, don't give up, and new supply may be on the way very soon.

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