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What Is The Best Pepper Spray

   By: Keil Newman

Best Pepper Spray

When I was mugged at work, it changed everything. People have always said I was pretty na've, but I have never really believed them. I always felt that people are basically good and that nothing bad would happen to me. That all changed when I was jumped in the parking lot. I was really scared for my life, and I came out of it with not just cuts and bruises, but also mental trauma. The cuts and bruises healed, but the mental scars took a while longer to get over.

One of the outcomes of this ordeal is that I have spent a lot of time looking for the best pepper spray. It is harder than you might think. Every security expert seems to have different opinions about best pepper sprays, and a lot of them have different features. Even more significant, many people don't know how to efficiently use their pepper spray. They get panicked and don't squirt it effectively in the perpetrators eyes. This can lead to simply angering the assailant and making everything worse.

This is why picking out the best pepper spray has as much to do with the set up of the spray can as it does with the contents. Whether what you are using is the strongest pepper spray or not, you need to be able to get it effectively in the assailant's eyes. It should be easy for you to locate the direction of the nozzle just by feel. The button should be shaped in such a way that, as soon as you pick up the pepper spray, you are holding it in the right direction.

It gets even more complicated when you start thinking about the different configurations of attacker sprays. Many people think that the best pepper spray is the one that shoots the furthest and has the best stopping power. Some pepper sprays claim to be able to shoot several feet, quite a useful thing if you want to be able to stop a criminal before he can actually touch you. Others make a different claim: they are able to shoot out in a wide arc. Many people argue that these are the best pepper sprays. They say that, when you're panicked, your aim might not be good. You have to get the pepper spray in someone's eyes for it to work, so it is better to have a short range with a high probability of getting some facial contact than a long-range with little probability.

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