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How To Make You Belly Dancing Clothing Stand Out

   By: Hunter Jones

Accessorizing with Belly Dancing Clothing

Belly dance clothing is just an important as the beautiful languid moves of the dancer. Without her elaborate costume the dancer's moves, no matter how beautiful, loose some of their impact. Wearing the right belly dancing clothing can make you feel more confident and a lot sexier too.

There is no doubt that clothing used in this dance form is meant to flatter and highlight a woman's body. The whole dance itself is a celebration of a woman's curves. The clothes are the icing on the cake if you will. Why not complement your hip shaking and undulations with the right belly dancing clothing?


The material of most belly dancing clothing is lightweight and transparent. The nature of the fabric adds to the effect of sensuality and titillation. The soft and flowing fabric will flutter and ripple with the slightest shake of your hips or turn of your body. It adds a feeling of endless movement to your dance moves.

The lightweight fabric used in belly dancing clothing also makes movement easy. You wouldn't want to be dancing in a stiff material that restricted your movements, would you? The silks and satins commonly used to make the tops and skirts add a touch of glamour and luxury to even the simplest costumes.

The colors chosen are usually jewel toned. The bright colors are an extension of the expressive nature of the dance. You can't help feeling more free when you are wearing bright happy colors. Bright colors are also traditionally used in belly dancing. Silver or gold accents serve to heighten the feeling of exoticism.


Common accessories added to belly dancing clothing are coins, chains, and shells. Coins are the more traditional accessory to belly dancing clothing. This is because belly dancers are traditionally presented with coins for their performances. Usually a fringe of coins is added to skirt hems and bra tops.

Veils are also another popular accessory that is coordinated with belly dancing outfits. Veils can be an alluring prop to hide the face or draped around the head to provide a flowing movement during turns and swirls. Scarves used around the arms are used to draw attention to the grace and elegance of the movements.

Whatever you choose in terms of belly dancing clothing you should first like the clothes. Secondly you should feel comfortable in them. Don't feel like you have to bare a lot of flesh just to be authentic. You can leave most of your body covered and still be sexy.

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