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Learn Spanish Through Immersion Program

   By: Rick Grey

Learn Spanish through Immersion Program

Rick Grey

It isn't easy trying to learn Spanish without talking to people who actually speak the language on a regular basis. Spanish teachers whose first language is English may know their subject very well. Yet, they can't give you the understanding of the language you will get if you experience it firsthand.

Immersion study means staying in a place, such as a Spanish speaking country, where people speak a language you are trying to learn. You put yourself in a position where you have to conduct all your business in that language. Your social life will revolve around speaking that language. It will be challenging to learn Spanish this way.

Because you are obliged to use the language at all times, your learning is accelerated. In order to know what is going on around you, you simply have to start to understand the language. Your motivation to learn Spanish becomes much greater!

Unconsciously you will pick up many tiny insights daily. You will be learning Spanish in much the same way that you learned English as a child.

You will automatically start to use the same words and phrases used by the people with whom you come in contact, and you will start to develop an intuitive understanding for those words and phrases which you do not understand.

If you have a tutor at this time, you can greatly enhance your learning experience, because you will be able to ask them to clarify all the points about which you are uncertain and to clear up any misconceptions you might have.

You can make the arrangements to do immersion study on your own. Rent an apartment or home in a Spanish speaking neighborhood or country. Sign up for a class or with a tutor. Then, get out, interact with people, and let nature take its course.

There are also companies that will make the arrangements for you to learn Spanish this way. They will set up those living arrangements. Instead of living on your own, you might opt for the company to send you to a host family to live with as you learn Spanish.

Thus you will find yourself fully immersed in the language and the culture of Spain. You will be interacting on a daily basis with native Spanish speakers, and you will be involved in their social life. Your insight into the language and culture of spain should come on by leaps and bounds.

If you are a student - mature or otherwise - and Spanish is a part of your studies, you might well find that your college or university has facilities to arrange this for you. A term or two abroad might well be an integral part of your course.

Foreign exchange students have benefited from immersion studies for a long time, now this excellent method of accelerated learning is available to all.

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