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Stop Smoking Herbs - A List Of Some Of The Most Effective Ones

   By: David Smythe

Stop Smoking Herbs - A List Of Some Of The Most Effective Ones

David Smythe

Natural solution for every kind of problem is what most people are after. Quitting smoking is also the same. There is a number of natural herbs that are available to help stop smoking.

Today, there is a definite trend for using natural herbs for stopping the smoking habit. These stop smoking herbs do a variety of things to the body - they can reduce the craving of the nicotine, detoxify the body from the harm already caused by the smoking habit and also help the person to overcome the pangs of depression that come on with the habit. Here is a list of some of the most potent herbs prescribed to stop the smoking addiction.

Lobelia - This is an Indian tobacco which tops all the other herbs because of its efficiency in curing the smoking habit. Although this is similar to the nicotine, it does not contain its harmful properties. Cigarettes which are made from lobelia in betel leaves are recommended to smokers.

These are herbal cigarettes and are healthy in many aspects. The most vital property however is that they create a feeling of distaste in the smoker for nicotine. Because of this it has proved to be very useful for those wanting to quit smoking. Of course, one might get addicted to these cigarettes but it is better than addiction to nicotine and tar cigarettes.

Clove - The clove oil has the capacity to decrease the nicotine craving in smokers, even in the chain smokers. Most herbal experts recommend using a drop of clove oil and placing it on the back of the tongue whenever the smoker has the desire to smoke. This method decreases the desire to smoke almost immediately.

Primrose - Oil of primrose is traditionally prescribed to people who have been smoking heavily, which has almost damaged their lungs. The tar deposits on the lungs can be flushed out by a formulation made with primrose oil. This oil - taken in a particular manner - helps in flushing out toxins from the lymph system and the lungs, thus detoxifying the body.

Chamomile - A herbal tea made from chamomile and sipped on several times a day is excellent to kill the cravings for the cigarette. Chamomile is also an antidepressant. It helps smokers to face the withdrawal symptoms of their smoking habit, and not succumb to the cigarette once again.

When one is trying to quit smoking the most primary and important thing to be looked in to is whether the therapy will decrease the craving for smoking. Actually the craving is the most important part of the addiction. The herbs which are used to quit smoking do an excellent job and a healthy diet full of alkaline minerals like magnesium, calcium, zinc and potassium. Vitamin C can also help to prevent the craving.

SmokeRX is the perfect formulation of various herbs that are needed to quit smoking. These are made in a way that the habit can be brought under control within a week itself Such herbal treatments are what most smokers are turning to for help regarding quitting the habit.

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