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Relationship Advice-Break Down The Communication Barrier

   By: Sarah Love

Relationship Advice-Break Down the Communication Barrier

Sarah Love

Dating is tough - we all know that. What can be even more difficult, however, is to know exactly what your boyfriend is thinking. Are you wondering exactly how he feels about you? Well, if you are wondering how he is feeling - it may be too late.

Not knowing what he feels about you is a warning sign that you and your boyfriend do not have the kind of communication that it takes to make your relationship work. I know what an awful feeling that is, and I am sure you do not want to go down that road either.

If it were only about an uncomfortable feeling it wouldn't matter. However, the fact is, things can get much worse than feeling bad - you could actually lose your man because the communication between the two of you has never existed or has broken down.

I hear you asking me -- what can I possibly do to correct this? Well it just so happens that I have a few simple steps you can take to begin making your relationship communication right again.

First of all - you need to quit trying to wrap your mind around what HE is thinking or feeling. If you want to get your relationship or dating life on the right track - you need to start with YOU. You are in complete control of how you think, react and act - so start by focusing on what YOU need to do to focus on your own ideas and communicate your own feelings.

The second action you can take is very simple. Start reacting to every situation with a positive mindset. You see, most of the time when women are hurt or afraid, we resort to negative actions such as clinginess more needy behavior. Instead turn your behavior around -- by thinking positive thoughts you will bring positive results to your life.

The third step to mend your relationship communication is to begin looking beneath his words. Begin trusting in your intuition to understand what he is or is not saying to you. Then, instead of physically voicing your questions - start to ask yourself the questions and begin relying on your intuition to give you the answers.

Fourth - you need to learn to INTERPRET your intuition. Say you have a bad feeling that your boyfriend is up to something. He acts strange and secretive. You might interpret his behavior and your intuition to say he is cheating on you. But maybe it will turn out he is throwing you a surprise party or drumming up a nice romantic get-away.

In this situation, it is your insecurities that cloud the face of your intuition. Learn to separate your insecurities and feelings from what your intuition is telling you. In other words, learn to let the situation speaks for itself in a neutral and nonjudgmental tone. These things will help your communication in your relationship become clearer and much more effective. If you need more dating advice and relationship tips click below.

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