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Finding True Love And Staying Safe With Online Dating

   By: Pam Baldwin

Finding True Love And Staying Safe With Online Dating

Pam Baldwin

Finding that special person everyone needs can be very complicated in today's modern society. No one seems to have enough time to do it in the conventional ways such as going out dancing and a lot of the time we end up with less than good experiences. Luckily with modern times we also have new tools like the internet to meet Mr or Mrs Right. Dating people online can have its advantages and risks so it is important to follow a few tricks and tips to make it safer and more enjoyable for you.

Websites such as Date com and PerfectMatch help you in your quest for love, but it can be scary to talk to a person you've never me before! So, here's how to stay safe in the online dating scene. After all, you probably don't want to go on a blind date, so why date a stranger who you know nothing about? Here are some tips to help you out.

Always use a real website that at least has some reputation like Date com or PerfectMatch which are ideal to start your quest for true love.

A webcam is a must and there are lost of very cheap ones. A webcam will facilitate you in that you will be able to see who are you talking to.

A microphone is also a must since it allows you to talk to anyone anywhere for free. Investing just once in one will end up being cheaper than paying long distance calls!

Always keep your personal information that allow others to reach you directly, like your phone or address, to yourself no matter how nice the person we are talking to seems to be.

Never meet anyone for the first time in a private place as it can lead to lots of nasty surprises. Always pick a public place and try to bring a friend along with you.

Listen carefully. Make sure your online date isn't giving you different stories. Was he/she a lawyer one week and a dentist the next? Online scammers are common, but usually easy to spot if you listen.

Have fun. Not everyone you meet online will be a creepy liar. There are a lot of good people out there, just like you, who are looking for true love.

To have fun while dating safety is crucial. You will be best off if you pick safe surroundings in which you can relax and concentrate in knowing the person you are dating better. Online and in real life you really don't know this person. So being as relaxed and comfortable as you can will help you know them better. Never dismiss your inner voice. If something feels wrong it probably is.

One of people's biggest concerns about dating online is whether the person they meet is who they claim to be. Are they lying to you or not? Are they really who they say they are or are just pretending to be someone else? After lots of dates I have learned that people sometime lie and a lot of the time it's mostly insecurity that makes them present themselves as a better option than they really are. So spotting honesty can be hard. If you really pay attention the microphone and webcam are super useful as you can see dishonesty in their face or notice it in their voice pretty much as in real life.

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is never give out your home phone number or your personal address. This can be very dangerous for you. If you find that you do want to give out a phone number, consider giving them your cell phone number first, as these are harder to track. If you find the need to give out an address, consider investing in a PO Box. These are simple ways to protect yourself from any harm.

Another tip is to always meet in a public place. Do you think you've found the person you'd like to go out with? Do you want to meet with him or her for the first time? Meeting in a public place is always the safest thing you can do. When you're around people it's much easier to get away from a bad situation. If you can, it's also a good idea to bring a friend with you. Suggest your first date be bowling or miniature golf, as these are great places where it's normal to bring a friend along.

Try to have fun too. You don't want to scare off your new date by telling him/her that you've already done a background check on them. Remember, not everyone is out there to hurt you. A lot of people are looking for true love and are just as scared as you are!

How to stay safe in the online dating scene doesn't have to be complicated. So long as you follow the tips given above, you should be able to easily enjoy a nice dinner and movie with that new Mr. or Mrs. Right. Just remember to meet in a public place, listen carefully, follow your gut, and don't give out too much information too soon. Have fun out there!

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