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Top 10 Tips For Getting Your Ex Back

   By: Benjamin Wise

Top 10 Tips For Getting Your Ex Back

Benjamin Wise

You and your ex broke up and you can't believe that this happened to you. You thought that you did everything right and now you find that you made at least one huge mistake. You need to know a few things to have a better chance of getting your ex back in your life.

Tip 1

You should figure out what happened and why you two broke up. It may take some thought to figure out what exactly went wrong in the relationship in the end.

Tip 2) Is It Fixable?

Many people think that the thing that caused a break up is going to be easy enough to fix, but you may find that it's not as easy as you think it will be.

Tip 3

Have a good reason to get back together, not just because you want to. That's not a good enough reason.

Tip 4) Find Out What Your Ex Is Doing

This may not seem all that hard, but you may want to find out what they are doing and what you can do to get into their good graces.

5/ Look good

There are many people that will not take care of themselves and then go around thinking that they will get their ex back. If you look good, then you will be a little more likely to get their attention again.

Tip 6) Don't Talk About Your Ex

It's not nice in the first place, but it can also paint a bad picture of you. This is because many people will look at you in a bad way if you talk about someone else.

7/ Don't talk about your old relationship

You don't want to tell a bunch of people about your old relationship because, again it will look bad on you as a person.

Tip 8

Don't pester them. If you decide that you want to know everything about your ex, they will think that you are stalking them and you won't be able to get back with them in the end.

Tip 9) Be Honest With Yourself

Tell your ex the honest truth about why you want to talk to them and don't lie to get their sympathy. This will only backfire on you and you won't be able to get them back in the end.

10/ Listen to their decision

When you talk to them and they day no, listen to them. If things are not going to work out, then they are not going to. Don't force it and scare them away for your permanently.

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