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How To Find The Best Places To Meet Women

   By: Joseph Matthews

How to Find the Best Places to Meet Women

Joseph Matthews

Do you know that meeting women is the most essential thing you can do for improving your love life?

Keep in mind that your chances increase for finding the right woman for you, when you meet as many woman as you can.

But in order to maximize your success, you need to go to the right places to meet girls.

If you are just focusing all your time and effort on the bar and club scene, you are truly missing out.

Do you know that the bar scene is the hardest environment to meet a woman? The reason for this is the numerous complications you deal with there. The bar scene environment is:

1. Loud, which makes conversation difficult, because of the very loud music they play.

2. The bar scene is expensive. Think about it, when you figure in parking and cover charge as well as any drinks, you spend somewhere between sixty to one hundred dollars, before you even meet a woman.

3. The bar scene includes an increase of competition, since every man there is trying to meet women as well.

4. Bar scenes also cause women to be on guard, since they rarely frequent a bar scene alone, unless going to meet someone else. Therefore, you have to deal with any friends the woman may have there. All the while, you are hoping that her friends will not whisk her away, before you do.

5. They're unhealthy. Despite the fact that you usually have to stay up very late when you go to a bar or club, you also have to content with alcohol and cigarette smoke when you do. That's not to say this is terribly bad, but over time, it can start to wear on you.

This does not mean you should not frequent the bar scene, only that you should consider that you limit yourself when you do, since there are women to meet in other locations.

Here are some of my favorite ways to meet women outside of a bar or club scene:

1. Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops are amazing places to meet girls. The atmosphere is laid back and relaxed, and you'll find lots of people like to hang out in coffee shops and read, study, or do work.

This type of environment encourages people to be open and enjoy different types of conversation.

If you enjoy a good cup of coffee and relaxing, make sure, you frequent the coffee shops.

2. Book Stores

Bookstores and coffee shops go hand in hand, while many bookstores include a coffee shop.

Lots of women go to book stores to sit around, read books, study, grab a bite to eat, unwind, and even shop for music or magazines.

Bookstores offer a casual, relaxed atmosphere much like a coffee shop. It is much easier to meet women in these kind of places than it is to meet them at the bar scenes.

3. Shopping Centers

This can be any where women shop, such as retail outlets and malls. These are wonderful locations to meet them.

When a woman is on a shopping mission for just the right item, she may walk around for hours looking for it, whether furniture, fashions or anything else for that matter. The very last thing on their mind is having a man approach them.

This means their defenses are down, causing them to be more open to meeting men, while shopping.

4. Grocery Stores

Hey, everyone's got to eat, right? Grocery stores can be a gold mine for meeting really fantastic, attractive women - particularly health food stores like Whole Foods Market, which actually has places where you can sit down and enjoy a meal together inside the store.

Do you know that more grocery stores are incorporating a hang out environment in their stores? They are beginning to allow the construction of coffee shops, so that customers may stay inside the store, hoping to increase uncontrollable buying.

You can usually find great women in grocery stores, particularly after work when many of them are picking up groceries for dinner.

5. The Internet

The internet is one of the easiest means of meeting women, since you invest little effort by doing it from home, the library or in a cyber cafe.

Simply sign up as a member of any online dating website and begin emailing the women you find interesting.

They are there, because they too are in search of romance and they are actively looking to meet someone. It might as well be you, how much easier can it get? Be sure to include visiting the online dating websites along with the other locations or you may miss out.

You might think you do not want to go to any of the areas just to meet women.

It is true you should not have to.

You should never approach any location thinking you are going there to meet women, simply go do what you need to do while checking the place out and approaching the women who attract you.

This is key.

You should be proactive when going about your day; this means you should pay attention to recognizing the opportunities of meeting new people. You never know when you might meet the right woman.

Remember; do not limit yourself to any location mentioned above. You should be looking to meet new women, no matter where you might find yourself, however these areas are easier to use to obtain your goal.

Always keep in mind, for you to increase your success; you must be able to meet women wherever you may be.

While keeping your daily routine, you should always keep an eye out for opportunities to meet and talk to those women who do find you attractive. Always take the chance to begin a casual conversation with anyone, since you have no idea where it might lead.

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