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How To Travel Light With Just A Carry-On Bag

   By: Justin Taylor

How to Travel Light With Just A Carry-On Bag

Justin Taylor

When traveling it is common knowledge that you should pack your luggage light. Carry-on luggage is the ultimate in light luggage travel. While others wait in the long cue to check their bags in or pick up their bags from the carousel, you can breeze through in no time with just your carry-on luggage.

Most people think that they need pack everything but the kitchen sink in order to survive their trip. But in reality, traveling for a week is the same as traveling for a month. Provided you can wash you clothes, you won't need to pack anymore than a week worth of clothes.

You will find below six tips on packing your carry-on bag so that you can travel with minimal fuss.

How to Pack A Carry-On Bag

1. Buy A Small Bag - it is natural for people to fill their bag no matter what the size is. By using a small bag you will force yourself to analyze what you really need to travel and what you don't. You will be surprised by what you can quite happily live without.

2. Buy travel versions of essential items - you can buy miniaturized or smaller versions of tooth brushes, tooth paste tubes, razors and hair dryers.

3. Make 3 Piles - put everything you think you need into three groups. One group is for what you can't live with out, the second is for what would be handy and the third is what you really don't need. Now get rid of the second and third group.

4. What Clothes to pack - take with you five outfits that can be mix-and-matched. This way you will have dozens of outfits that you can ware. One word of warning about jeans. While they can be worn with almost anything, they can also become heavy when wet and are hard to dry.

5. Two Pairs of Shoes Only - provided that the shoes can go with both your work and casual outfits, most often you really only need two pairs.

6. When you arrive home and start to unpack, think about what things that you packed you could leave behind the next trip that you go on.

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