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Make A Kenneth Cole Designer Handbag Your Very Own

   By: Sara J Clarke

Make A Kenneth Cole Designer Handbag Your Very Own

Sara J Clarke

Established in 1982, Kenneth Cole launched his shoe collection from a borrowed film trailer in New York City that gave him the permits he needed to park in midtown Manhattan. Cole built a fashion empire literally from the ground up, growing from being a small one-register retail store on Manhattan's Columbus Avenue into a $177 million retailer with 90 stores, plus a large wholesale business with 6,000 customers.

Now fully fledged as a designer brand, Cole takes the industrial aesthetic that pervades New York's recent architecture and adapts it to a retail environment, in a seamless look that defines both the design of the store and that of the clothing.

Kenneth Cole himself is known for his humanitarian efforts and philanthropy. He was the first member of the fashion community to enlist in the global fight against HIV/AIDS in 1985, a time when little was known about the virus and even less was known about the people struggling to survive it. Before learning the family business and starting his own company in 1982, Cole studied law at Emory University in Atlanta.

With a stylish urban trait, Kenneth Cole products are worn by fashion conscious customers. The marketing campaigns and products are famous for their audacity and aims to provide positive change. For example, he recently began their "Awearness" Campaign, which produces a line of T-Shirts to benefit the charities that the company supports, and proceeds will go to the Awearness Fund

Kenneth Cole Handbags

With a wide range of handbags, there is a Kenneth Cole handbag that meets your style with its underrated urban class. You will be sure to look good with a Cole handbag on your shoulder.

Ranging from classic to chic, the handbags take the finer details of the style's strength and using it a modest way that actually makes a large fashionable impact.

Quality is a Kenneth Cole's mainstay. He doesn't also merely follow fashion trends needlessly but instead designs handbags that can be worn with a range of clothing and accessories.

Where to Buy a Kenneth Cole Handbag

The internet is a fantastic place to find bargains on designer handbags. And the best thing about Kenneth Cole handbags is that they are not as expensive when compared to other designer brands.

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