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5 Terrible Signs Of A Cheating Lover

   By: Johnny White

5 Terrible Signs Of A Cheating Lover

Johnny White

Sometimes when you suspect that your lover is cheating on you it's based solely on your instincts. While you should trust your instincts you still need some proof that your lover is cheating on you. Asking them and accusing them of cheating is the wrong way to go about it until you do have proof.

One way to get proof of a cheating lover is to watch any signs they may be giving off that they are cheating on you. The signs that a cheater gives off will help lead you in the right direction to catching them. In this article were going to take a look at some of the signs that cheaters give off.

Sign #1 A New Cell Phone: Cell phones make it really easy to communicate for a cheating lover. They have their own phone that only they have access to. In many cases a cheating lover may buy a new phone to cover up their tracks. You may find that they try to hide that phone so that you can't see who they have been talking to.

Sign #2 Long Working Hours: If your lover always worked long hours then this one isn't so obvious. For many it is a big sign of a problem. One thing to look for is a raise or a promotion at work. If that is the case then there may be a legitimate reason for them working longer hours. But if their pay isn't increasing then they may be making it all up. You might have to poke and pry by asking them questions about their work. See how they respond to those questions.

Sign #3 Change In Sex Drive: If there is a sudden change in your spouses sex drive then you probably have a problem. The only exception of this is if they are ill. Even if they aren't cheating yet there is a good chance your lover will at some point if they are not satisfied in this area.

Sign #4: Install Spy Cams: You may want to consider installing a spy camera in certain locations. For example, would you be able to hook one up in your lovers car? Can you get to their office and install one? Could you plan a trip a way from home and install a spy camera in your home? These are all options that you can consider.

Sign #5 Cares More About Appearance: Lovers that are cheating will feel the need to make themselves look better for the person they are cheating with. You may notice them focusing on their appearance more then what they have in the past. They put more effort into the style of their hair, their clothes, and even how they smell.

Now you know some of the signs, but what are you going to do? With these signs you can investigate things a little bit further. Once you have enough evidence you can then accuse your lover of cheating.

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