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Who Are The Top Ranked Companies Looking For Secret Shoppers?

   By: Ethan Hunter

Who are the Top Ranked Companies Looking for Secret Shoppers?

Ethan Hunter

Chances are, you have received some type of advertisement for a mystery shopper in your email. Although this notification could be from a company trying to take you for a ride, it could also be from a respected, secret shopper company. With so many companies looking for secret shoppers, your options are tremendous, giving you a little bit of control when it comes time to choose.

The top companies looking for secret shoppers are often the most established. In addition, the top companies looking for secret shoppers are reliable, growing rapidly and looking for top rated candidates to assist them in providing high quality information to their clients through secret shopping. Secret shopping is considered to be an excellent strategy for providing market research to companies, helping them to improve their strategies and ultimately their sales.

When you are searching for companies looking for mystery shoppers, try to narrow your search to those who provide customized shopping service analysis. You want to get the right feedback and so you need to choose a company which will provide you with the results you need. Not all market research companies will be able to provide you with comprehensive results and so it is important to be careful when you are making your selection. You will also want to hire a company that can promise you the highest level of confidentiality.

Take such a company called "Eyes Behind the Bar". The unique approach this company takes is sending in an anonymous shopper to gather information pertaining to the restaurant and bar business. This individual will have a mental list of specific things that need to be checked. For instance, if a bar owner has suspicions that one of the bartenders is serving alcohol to minors, this could cost him or her, the entire business, losing a lifetime of savings and hard work. However, working with companies looking for secret shoppers, this business owner would have covert eyes and ears to confirm the information. Without the results of this shop, the business could be devastated.

Another one of the top companies looking for secret shoppers is called KSS International. Also known as Kern Scheduling, this is one of the great companies looking for secret shoppers. If you are looking for a part-time job, one where you could make between $40 and $100 a month, then secret shopping could be the ideal solution. With KSS, they provide a mystery shopping experience to customers while maintaining only the highest level of standards in the process. Because of this, shoppers are screened for professionalism, honesty, confidentiality, and integrity.

Overall no matter whether you are a business in need of a mystery shopper a mystery shopper or one of the top companies looking for mystery shoppers, your goal is always the same; to collect information in order to improve the business.

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