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Signs Of An Abusive Relationship Themselves

   By: Spencer McNight

Do You Know The Signs Of An Abusive Relationship?

Many people are aware that abusive relationships are out there, but they may not know how close to home they can be. They may not realize that these things are more common than reported, because the very nature of abused is to keep it quiet. There is some shame involved, and there are also many threats by the abuser that keep the victims quiet. Whatever the case, anyone and everyone should be aware of the signs of an abusive relationship, and what to do when they come upon one.

Some of these relationships are harder to spot. Some are mental and verbal, which means there are no physical signs of abuse. The signs of an abusive relationship are much harder to spot and even harder to prove. Some people think that yelling and intimidation is just the way that things are with some families, and they think they should mind their own business. This type of abuse can be and is just as damaging as physical abuse, and can lead to the physical type of abusive relationship in the future.

When dealing with the signs of an abusive relationship that is physical in nature, things can be easier to spot in some cases. There are always bruises, but some do a good job of hitting where the marks can be hidden with clothing. Those that are being abused will go to great lengths to hide the abuse as well, or they may come up with elaborate stories as to why they are hurt and what the marks means. If you know the signs of an abusive relationship that has turned physical, you are more likely to help someone who needs it the most.

The most common signs of an abusive relationship of any kind is unusual or changing behavior. If you hear a lot of yelling, and someone who was normally once outgoing spending more and more time by themselves, they may very well be a victim. They may also stop seeing family and they lose their friends because they don't want anyone to find out what is going on.

Odd changes in behavior are the biggest signs that abuse is taking place, and when it seems that something is wrong, you should go with your gut feelings. Remember, it is your business when someone is being abused, either child or adult, and you should never feel shame or hesitation when helping them out. The victim may be angry with you at first, but they will thank you in the long run.

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