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Underarm Sweating Can Be Embarrassing

   By: Nicky Patterson

Underarm Sweating Means Bad Body Odor And Stained Clothes

The medical term used to describe underarm sweating is auxiliary hyperdosis and this condition is a very common as well as troublesome manifestation of sweating, and as a matter of fact, the worst thing about this form of sweating is the offensive odor that emanates from the armpits. Most often, underarm sweating occurs when performing sporting activities and also when a person is suffering from stress though there are other instances too when you could be affected by this form of sweating.

Wear The Right Kind Of Clothes

Besides the offensive body odor that occurs because of underarm sweating, there are also several other consequences to contend with, and one way to minimize the chances of underarm sweating affecting you is to wear the proper kind of clothes because besides the smell, this form of sweating can result in spoiling your clothes by causing sweat stain marks. However, the best way to reduce the occurrence of underarm sweating is to have the area operated on and in fact, this treatment method has been known to show a high success rate though it is at the same time costly as well as puts you at risk of certain side effects such as losing skin in the area of your armpits.

You might also want to try performing yoga which is known to be effective in controlling underarm sweating and there are in fact, several yoga relaxation techniques that can help you in this regard albeit in an indirect way. The fact of the matter is that since yoga is known to reduce stress it will thus indirectly ensure that you don't end up with underarm sweating which normally occurs when you are too stressed out in your mind.

Another simple solution to control underarm sweating is applying a deodorant or even using anti-perspirants and though these two measures will certainly cover up the distasteful body odor they may, at the same time, cause you to develop skin acidity. No doubt, anti-perspirants help in blocking the sweat ducts through the aluminum salts contained in it; though, at the same time, there are rumors that anti-perspirants can cause breast cancer as well, but as of now, no real evidence of this has emerged.

However, if you also make sure that you dry yourself thoroughly after a bath, you will be able to get rid of micro-organisms as well as bacteria that thrive in damp places and by also applying an anti-perspirant to absorb whatever sweat is caused in the armpits region, you can control the situation better. Also, you should wear clothing made from natural-fibers such as wool and cotton as well as silk which are good in that they allow the skin to breathe and thus balances the body's temperature and that in turn means less chance of underarm sweating.

Another useful solution to preventing underarm sweating is changing your diet and needing to avoid foods that contain loads of fats, and those that contain excess of salt, or which are excessively sweet and even those that are carbonated. Eating more of fruits as well as vegetables will provide the body with additional vitamins and will also keep the calorie count down and thus ensure less chance of developing an underarm sweating problem.

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