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Long Lasting Hearing Aid Batteries

   By: Lane Klein

How Long Should Hearing Aid Batteries Last?

To keep your hearing aid working at optimal levels, choose long lasting hearing aid batteries. There are several excellent and reliable manufacturers that provide batteries with long lasting power for hearing aids. Plus, there are several things you should know about batteries that will improve their productivity and possibly make them last longer in your hearing aid.

Changing Hearing Aid Batteries

Generally, batteries need to be changed within a 2-week period. To properly operate, hearing aids require a good amount of power, which is even more reason to choose hearing aid batteries that will last the longest. Purchasing batteries from established and reliable manufacturers, like Eveready, Duracell and Rayovac, is a safe decision. These companies have been supplying hearing aid users with long lasting batteries for years. These batteries can be readily found in most drugstores or large supermarkets with a pharmacy department. Another excellent brand of hearing aid batteries is Siemen. They have tapped into some new technology and are making long lasting zinc air batteries for hearing aids. This type of battery is currently only available through your hearing care provider. They seem to be rapidly becoming a favorite among hearing aid users because of the larger amount of energy they produce for their small size.

Long Lasting or Not?

Even though you may have purchased batteries from a reputable manufacturer, you may wonder why they don't last very long in your hearing aid. Sometimes, the problem isn't with the battery. Although most batteries for hearing aids need to be replaced within 2 weeks, that may change depending on the individual's use of the device. To conserve power, and make the batteries last longer, turn off the hearing aid when you're not using it, such as overnight when you're sleeping. If you find that you are constantly adjusting the volume, it might not be the battery that is at fault. Distortions in sound and background static and interference can signal a problem with the hearing aid. Discuss these conditions promptly with your audiologist. These situations can create a larger drain on your battery, causing them to die an early death.

By selecting a quality brand battery, your hearing aid will be ready for use day after day. Replacing worn out batteries only takes about a minute. The ever-improving technology of today means that hearing aid batteries now last longer while giving you the most power. Many hearing aids will warn you when the batteries are getting low. But the best time to choose which batteries you will use is now.

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