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Fake Designer Luggage Is Common

   By: Keil Newman

Fake Designer Luggage Provides Status Without Expense

Other than trying to convince other travelers that your luggage is worth more than it really is, there is another reason people buy fake designer luggage. For some travelers, making an impression on their fellow travelers is important, but there are some who hang out in luggage pick-up areas scrounging for bags that look like their contents may be expensive. Even if the fake designer luggage is stolen, you are still out your contents, but the value of the luggage will not increase the monetary amount of your loss.

There is a major downside to the availability of fake designer luggage, which is the uninformed buyer ending up paying considerably more than the cheap knockoffs are worth. Unless you do your homework and know what to look for in a designer bag, you could end up paying a premium price for fake designer luggage and until someone else points out it is not real, you may have no way of knowing.

Of course, considering the abuse to which bags are subjected during commercial transport, many travelers see no need to spend the extra money on cases by famous designers and turn to fake designer luggage to still make a good impression while reducing their cost.

Being Realistic In Expectation Of Quality

Persons unfamiliar with the quality of fake designer luggage may be somewhat disappointed if they count on the faux products to have the same durability as the originals. Chances are, the fake designer luggage will not be built as tough, handles have been known to come loose at inopportune times, and stitching has come apart after only a few uses. These are things that are not expected with top quality designer bags, but should be expected with cheap imitations.

All things considered, the use of fake designer luggage may not be the best idea since they are not going to be anymore durable than some of the better quality, lesser known names in the luggage industry and may open the traveler up to the theft of their bags. A thief prowling for a quick score may look at the fake designer luggage as an indication that the content will be more valuable that it really is.

However, there are some manufacturers that produce fake designer luggage that are nearly as well constructed as the original and hold up under the rigors of travel. However, there will be a high price to pay for these bags, and could almost be as much as buying an original in the first place.

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