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3 Reasons Going Out Alone Is Great For Meeting Women

   By: Chris Benjamin

3 Reasons Going Out Alone is Great for Meeting Women

Chris Benjamin

There seems to be a stigmatism attached to being alone on the dating scene. "Aloneness" is equated with loneliness - and loneliness with loser-dom. And who is going to go out with the lone geek sitting at the bar having a conversation with no one, right?

In actuality - hitting the bars and clubs by yourself can be a GREAT way to pick up women. For the men who can pull it off - it can really increase your pickup. I will tell you why

The first reason is like learning to swim by being thrown in the lake. When you go out alone, you very quickly learn to overcome your natural pre-disposition to paying attention to what other people think. You have to have the stamina to BE the lone wolf, the confidence and the self-assurance. People notice this very quickly - especially women.

Secondly, if you go out to meet women by yourself - you do not have to worry about your friends embarrassing you or trying to hit on the same beautiful women you want to hit on. You can go to the places you want to go to with no arguments and you can leave when, and with whom you choose.

Reason three is perhaps the most important reason. Say a beautiful woman asks you who you are at the bar with. This provides a great opportunity to show her your confidence and your cocky/funny attitude. You can reply to her in a confident and secure way, telling her, "I am here by myself - I don't need a babysitter in order to have a great time!"

In order to have this be effective, though, you have truly got to LIVE the confident, secure lifestyle of the alpha-male. Women can see through a faade, so you better have that self-assurance to back it up.

What you do next is really begin to peak her attraction to you by starting a cocky-funny interaction with her. What you do is you start turning the tables around on her. When she asks her who you are there with, you tell her, "You!" She will laugh a little at that, and then ask you , "Ok, wise guy, who are you REALLY here with?" You then tell her, "Look, dude, I only met you a few minutes ago and you are already trying to get my life story? By the end of the week you are going to be packing your things into my apartment! Slow down!"

What you are really saying with this interaction, though, is that is matters not a fig who you are there with because you are a confident, sure and alpha status lone-wolf. And maybe - you are just a little bit out of her league. Use a cocky/funny approach with a hint of mischief thrown in there and see how the women find that truly attractive! Dating Tips for Men - How to BE the Alpha Male

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