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British Columbia Last Will And Testament

   By: Casey Howard

What You Need To Know To Make A British Columbia Last Will And Testament

For residents of British Columbia, a last will and testament is as close as the click of a mouse. You can make a British Columbia last will and testament online in just a few minutes.

What's more, many of the last will and testament forms for British Columbia residents are free online forms that you can fill out online and then print on your home printer and sign them. Whether you print out your own will or sign your last will and testament in a British Columbia law office, there are a few decisions you will want to make in advance of making your will.


Your Executor is the person who takes charge of making sure your wishes are carried out according to your will. The Executor should be a responsible adult, someone whom you trust. If you are reluctant to burden someone with this task, take heart in the fact that the court will allow the Executor to be compensated for his or her time from the cash in your estate. Administering a complex will can be a time consuming event. The Executor will earn every cent of his or her fees.


Your beneficiaries are the persons to whom you leave your possessions and property after you die. In most jurisdictions, your property will go to your blood relatives if you should die without making a last will and testament. British Columbia courts place a high value on the strength of blood ties. Therefore, if a person who is making a will intends to disinherit, or exclude, a blood relative from receiving property under their will, they should say so clearly in their will, and say why they are not leaving that person any property. Doing so might prevent the occurrence of a contested will ? a legal proceeding that splits families and consumes time and money. The person making a will needs to decide who the beneficiaries are and at what age they will inherit property.

Guardian For Minor Children

If you have children who are not yet adults at the time of your death, you need to decide whom you want to take over the care and upbringing of your children in the event of your untimely death. This is usually a family member, often a couple of approximately the same age as the parents of the children, so as to avoid the children enduring the death of their parents and then, soon after the death of their guardian.

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