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What To Eat If You Suffer From Gout

   By: Kathy Nelson

What To Eat If You Suffer From Gout

Kathy Nelson

People will normally start to conduct research about gout after they have suffered an attack. They suffer a lot of pain in an attack and are looking for ways to stop this from happening. It is not long before the research tells them that the cause of the pain is their diet.

Normally gout sufferers will instantly ask, "so what can I eat then?" and immediately focus on the foods which they enjoy the most. Its only natural to do this, but you need to get over these kind of questions and start to think about your long term health and the effects these favourite foods could be having on you.

The main thing that you think about is how on earth do you stop the pain that gout can cause. There are of course treatments that are able to stop the pain as a short term measure but you really need to think more about how to stop gout problems that may occur in the future. The fact is that gout is unlikely to improve without you taking steps to help yourself.

In fact if you don't change your eating habits your gout will get worse and worse and you could well end up in hospital with it. The uric acid crystals that have built up around your joints , particularly your big toe joint, will not go away on their own. If you carry on eating the same things that caused your gout then you will carry on having the pain.

You will not be able to cure your gout by simply altering your diet for a while, instead you need to make changes to your diet which are not just for the present. You need to make changes that will have long term positive effects.

Therefore which changes to your lifestyle should you make at the moment to stop another attack of gout? Firstly try and keep a note of all the things you eat and drink over the next two weeks, this will be much easier to do if you carry some kind of note book around in your pocket. By doing this you will be able to see exactly what you are eating rather than guessing. You will be able to see over these two weeks where you need to cut down on certain foods.

Keep away from foods which contain high amounts of purines. The reason for this is that it causes your body to produce uric acid which as we know can crystallize and cause gout. Therefore this is one of the main things you can cut out of your diet.

Keep your diary for a further two weeks and see how many of these foods you have managed to cut out of your diet, as you reduce these foods and increase your intake of water you should see a decrease in your attacks of gout. I know your next question, Is there anything I can eat that will help my gout?

It is a common question from sufferers of gout, I have gout what can I eat?. We hear it a lot and it is often hard to answer because everyone is different and everyones gout symptoms and problems is often different.

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