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The Nice Way To Break-up: Seven Tips

   By: Sara Musfeldt

the nice way to break-up: seven tips

Sara Musfeldt

I've been broken up with in many ways and it's been awful every time. I'm sure that's how it is for most of us since there's no great, easy way to do it. But there are things you can do to make it respectful and a little easier to cope with.

Look that person in the eye. Don't be fearful and show respect for yourself and the other person by breaking-up face to face.

Pick a mutually comfortable spot and don't break-up in a public place. With very few other people around, you won't fall apart with total strangers watching. There's nothing worse.

A long meal could be too much to endure with anger and tears overcoming the person, so keep the meeting short. Better off for every one is a quick break-up date.

Don't say the following: "It's not you, it's me" and "I love you, but I'm not in love with you." Avoid the clich.

White lies are OK so recognize when it's proper to save that other person's feelings. Now is not the time to pick him or her apart with all the little things that drive you crazy (like movie preferences and eating habits). Stick to the real reason the relationship is ending.

Just say, "I think we'd both be happier with someone else" or "I don't see this going anywhere" and avoid analogies. Comparing the other person to cars, food, ex's, vacations, and so on is a don't.

Call once, but not more, and then you can be done. It's best to check in once to say hello, and you're sorry, but that going your separate ways really is best. You might give the other person hope for reconciliation when there is none by dragging out a break-up.

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