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When Opportunity Knocks

   By: John Harris

When Opportunity Knocks

John Harris

After meeting a woman and there is a positive vibe, it is up to the man to initiate an opportunity to change scenery and be alone. A woman may give signals that she would like to change scenery, but will never mention sex. The man should never mention sex, either. It will erase the tension and cause the woman to start thinking rationally rather than emotionally.

This will spoil the vibe. Find a reason (other than sex) to get her to be alone with you. If you invite her to go back to your place to listen to your new jazz album, then by all means do that! Sex might come later. And again, it might not. Remember, it's the journey not the destination.

The woman knows what is going on, but because the man didn't mention sex, she won't feel cheap. This could be 20 minutes after meeting her or 20 days. There is no way to predict when the time is right. Her body language will tell you.

Just remember this rule of thumb: Don't chase. Allow. By allow I mean go with the flow and respond to her. It's not all about you dude!

Keep in mind a woman won't give you a verbal signal (regarding sex anyway). Then she would have to be accountable for anything that happens. You know that won't happen! She needs to convince herself that whatever happens "just happened" and it was not planned.

Accept the fact that women are 100 times better at this stuff than men are. Women are savvy in the field of body language and non-verbal communication. It's up to you to at least gain a level of competency in this area.

I know this all seems like a lot but once you start practicing you will get it rather quickly. Remember, this is about you, not her. You need to work from the inside out. Work on yourself first, and then start practicing reading women's body language.

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