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Fun Woodworking Ideas For The Beginner

   By: Ann Triune

Fun Woodworking Ideas For The Beginner

Ann Triune

Woodworking can be addictive because the number of woodworking ideas seems endless. Woodworking is a great challenge, a fun hobby to have and a rewarding experience. This article will show you some exciting ideas for your woodworking plans.

Carving Project

Try making wooden reliefs with basic woodcarving methods. Refined and stylized designs are highly achievable on nearly every kind of surface. Familiarize yourself with typical motifs and patterns. You can then carve out your own creative designs on jewelry boxes and furniture for more effect.

Turn to your surrounding for ideas. Take pictures of animals, leaves and even designs on other furniture and building interiors. Then, keep all your pictures as clip files. Organize them by theme so you can easily refer to them later. Pictures make it easier to create realistic objects and animals on wood.

You should also record your woodworking ideas in a visual diary. The reason for this is to save ideas you don't want to forget. You only have to draw out a rough sketch of varying ideas. You can then put these ideas together for a particular project.

If you want more technical information get a book on carving designs. Books provide you with a platform for practice on basic and traditional designs including Celtic, American Indian and Art Deco. You may also find free designs on the Internet.

Wood Finish Plan

To make any furniture look unique, why not incorporate an antique finish? Even if you use a cheap furniture, you can make it look fantastic with an antique finish. Refer to the common practices below for a truly interesting touch for your furniture.

First, apply stain on the wood. Choose a color that looks more antique, like earthy colors. Secondly, use fine sandpaper over the stain to imitate the wear and tear of antique surfaces. You can refer to an antique piece to see where the tears are located.

You may also add a few scratches and dents with a file or chisel. But be careful and make sure they're evenly spread out. Making a scratch or dent that's huge isn't going to make a piece look antique, but damaged!

Inlay Plan

Produce figures on any wooden surface by making use of inlay. Intarsia is a method of inlay that makes any surface illustration appear more rounded. Intarsia is almost like a puzzle. You basically assemble wooden pieces of many kinds of colors, shapes and grains until a figure is created.

To begin, have a photograph as a reference. There are so many free intarsia templates on the Internet! Intarsia is similar to fitting puzzle pieces together, so templates are a great help when it comes to accuracy.

There are many free instructions online for both beginners and experts. Basically, you can stick your paper template on wood and cut out the lines. The surface should be depressed with about the same height of your pieces before inserting the pieces themselves.

For a more prominent image, experiment with the natural color and grain of wood. Play around with dimensions by varying the thickness of your wooden pieces. Intarsia can be applied on cabinet doors, picture frames and boxes. There is no limit to creativity.

Painting Plan

Hand painted design gives any furniture more character. You can make beautiful illustrations on your furniture by using paint alone. Think about floral and geometric drawings. There's no need to be an expert at painting. You can always start out with stencils.

There are countless woodworking ideas available. Just jump on the Internet for inspiration. Build your talent by exploring various types of methods.

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