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Is She Interested? Know The Signs

   By: John Harris

Is She Interested? Know The Signs

John Harris

When a man has aligned himself in a woman's field of view and has displayed to her that he is a potential mate, it is then up to the woman to give the man signals (That he must notice and interpret) that she is interested. These signals are usually non-verbal so they can be a challenge to detect. Most men have trouble with this because we are not as good at non-verbal communication as women are. However, with practice it becomes easier.

Eye Contact

If a woman sees a man she is interested in, she will try and catch his gaze. When the man notices and she catches it, she will hold eye contact with him for a few seconds, then look away. If a woman does this three times, it is a green light. Three is a great rule of thumb, but not concrete. The first time could be a fluke. The second time she may be deciding if she wants to meet you. By the third time, she is definitely displaying interest. However, if you wait too long and she looks at you for a fourth time and a fifth time, you're status has lowered because you appear unconfident or (Even worse) you appear as if you are not interested in her. People make 90% of their impression of you in the first five minutes of seeing you. Don't blow it!


This should be a no brainer. Everyone in the world recognizes what it means when you smile at them, regardless if you speak the same language or not.

More Signs

* Sitting up straight to show her breasts. A woman instinctively knows that men like breasts. Her sitting in a manner that allows you to get a better look at them is an obvious sign of interest. * Crossing and uncrossing her legs. This is another way for a woman to expose part of her body to you.* Turning her head and exposing her bare neck. Exposing the neck is a sign of sexual interest. A woman's neck is a very sensitive, erogenous zone.

Even More Signs

*Playing with her hair. Any kind of primping means she is trying to impress you. *Crossing

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