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If You Think Your Spouse Might Be Cheating,here's How To Find Out

   By: Phil Burnett

If You Think Your Spouse Might Be Cheating,here's How To Find Out

Phil Burnett

Are you worried that your spouse might be cheating on you? If so, you're certainly not alone. Infidelity rates are now at an all-time high. We wanted to show you a quick and easy way to find out if your spouse is being unfaithful.

You might be surprised to find out how many people are now using private investigators to uncover if their partner is cheating on them. This can be expensive and take a long time to get answers - you don't need to go this far to know the truth! Always try this "detective's trick" first if you want to know whether your partner is playing around.

It's fast, easy and costs you next to nothing. There are three steps in total - let's go over each one.

Step #1 - How To Catch A Cheating Spouse

This is the only step where you are going to need to be a touch on the crafty side. The reason I say this is that you will need to find about 15 minutes to look at your partner's cell phone without anyone catching you.

Pick your time wisely! Maybe your spouse just went out to the store or went to work without their phone. You just need to make sure you have about 15 minutes to "borrow" their phone.

Now that you have their phone in hand you are going to look at their call history that is stored on their phone. You want to look for both the 'incoming' and 'outgoing' call history list. When you find it, write down every phone number that you see on a piece of paper.

If there are some phone numbers you recognize you don't have to write them down. Just make sure you are jotting down every other phone number you see.

After you have your list of phone numbers completed, discretely put back the phone and move on to step #2.

Step #2 - Are You Married To A Cheater?

In front of you there should be a list of all the phone numbers that your spouse has either called or been called by. Now it's time to figure who is behind each of these numbers and find out exactly who they have been talking to. With only a phone number, you can find out someone's full name, address, location details and background information.

There are companies that specialize in gathering phone records and building databases that have information on the owner of any phone number (including cell phones and unlisted numbers). Different people including detective agencies and law enforcement will then use their databases to run a search on various phone numbers.

Fortunately it's easy to use this type of service. In fact everything is done online and you get your search results within seconds. It's called a "reverse phone search" - you punch in the phone number and the person's name, address and other details will be immediately displayed on your screen.

We included a link at the bottom of this article so that you can try a free sample search to see how it works. Have a try and bookmark the page if you don't have your list with you.

This type of service does carry a small fee but it isn't expensive. One way to save money is to look for a company that charges a one-time only fee for unlimited searches in their database. This way you don't have to pay for each and every search you run.

Run down your entire list and conduct a search on each phone number. Make sure to write down the information you find out about each one on the same piece of paper.

After you have finished doing this, it's time to move on to our final step.

Step #3 - How To Find Out If Your Spouse Is Cheating

Now you have a list of all the people that your partner has been chatting with (and how often). This information makes it easy to spot any suspicious patterns about whether or not your spouse is cheating.

Look over your results and the names that you see. Often times people will suspect that their partner is cheating with someone in particular - if you are in this boat do you see this name?

It's easy to figure out if your spouse is cheating on you once you know who they have been talking to. This easy "detective's work" will get you the answers you need about your relationship and whether your spouse is being truly faithful to you.

Go to for your free sample reverse phone search on any phone number. Use the following link to find out how to catch a cheater using tried and tested techniques!

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