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Basic Phrases In Romanian For Beginners

   By: John Doyle

Basic Phrases In Romanian For Beginners

John Doyle

Sometimes you need to communicate with foreigners in their language. It could be a trip abroad, or a visit by foreigners that make it necessary to learn at least the basic phrases of a language. You could also fall in love with a person from another nation. Now the best way to pick up a foreign language quickly is to spend some time trying to communicate with someone, whose mother tongue is that particular language. Let us take a look at some essential phrases in Romanian, if you want to be able to converse with Romanians.

Beginners at a language course usually like to learn some essential phrases of everyday use in that language. Here is the list of such Romanian phrases and their English translations.

Romanian English Da Yes Nu No Da,va rog Yes, please Nu multzumesc No, thank you Domn, Doamna Sir, Madam Iata Here is Buna Hello Buna dimineatza Good morning Buna ziua Good afternoon Buna seara Good evening Cu placere You are welcome Noapte buna Good night Ce mai faci How are you Foarte bine, multzumesc Very well, thank you Ma scuzatzi Excuse me Ma putetzi ajuta Can you help me? Nu intzeleg I do not understand Nu shtiu I do not know Putetzi sa scrietzi? Could you please write it down? Scuze Sorry Las -ma in pace Leave me alone Unde Where Cand When De ce Why Cine Who Care Which Unde este Where is Cat costa How much Eu vreau I want Ce este What is Imi place I like it Nu imi place I do not like it De acord Agreed E bine That is fine

In the words "sa", "va", "ma", "buna", and "doamna", you will find that the letter "a" sounds like in the English world "sir". Again, the letter "c" is pronounced "ch" like in "teacher" in the words "placere", "ce", "faci", "place", "ce" and "ci". The letter "a" is uttered like in the Russian "you" in the words "cat" and "cand".

You may think that Romanian is easy. Well it is not at all, because there are some specific sounds, whose pronunciation cannot be associated with their spelling. For example, English-speaking people find it difficult to pronounce the Romanian "r". It sounds really funny uttered by them because their "r" as you well know is specific.

To carry on in the same vein someone, whose first language is French, will have a lot of trouble pronouncing the Romanian "h". Most will simply be unable to utter it. Similarly, the sound that the letters or stand for is very difficult to utter for English speaking people. On the other hand, Russian people can find it quite easy as the vowel sound in the Russian equivalent of "you" is basically similar to these sounds.

However, it is not that difficult to acquire a reasonable knowledge of the basic Romanian phrases. To develop fluent and correct Romanian accent, you need contact with native Romanian speakers, who can help you avoid sounding funny.

Like with any other language, the teachers of Romanian language need to choose the method of teaching suitable to the learner. This applies even if it is just the essential phrases that are being taught. Some will learn faster if they can relate to the topic. Others learn better with a diagrammatic presentation. Some people pick up a language easily when they practice with a partner or get involved in group activity learning a skill or craft.

Therefore, when teaching Romanian to foreigners you must be aware of the way of teaching best suited to every single one of them. Once you have done that, be ready for an exciting and sometimes hilarious journey into the world of a new language.

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