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The Art Of Flirting - How To Flirt With Women

   By: Joseph Matthews

The Art Of Flirting - How To Flirt With Women

Joseph Matthews

Let me ask you a question...

Have you ever been stuck in the friend mode with a woman you meet and like, despite all your best romantic efforts?

Well, there is a reason that happened!

Chances are it is because you did not flirt correctly with the woman.

Since flirting is a vital element in the process of attraction and you do not do it correctly, or even worse, not at all, you may be leaving your opportunity to be with the woman up to chance.

So why is flirting so important?

The answer is simple really; the process of flirting creates sexual tension.

And if you don't have sexual tension in an interaction, there is no attraction. And if there's no attraction, what does that make you?

Yes, that is right; it makes you simply a friend.

Your attraction enhances when you know how to flirt with women properly.

Flirting is a lot of fun and not so much a secret as some might consider, however when done incorrectly it will not work.

The art of flirting with women is all about communicating your romantic interest in the woman rather than just letting the cat out of the bag.

Mixed signals are what this is.

Your words communicate something different than your actions are communicating.

Some of the more common mistakes of flirting with women that men make may include:

MISTAKE #1: They Are Way Too Obvious

Too many guys get excited about the women they are attracted to, and will come out and say exactly what they are feeling. What they don't realize is that when presented with this information, the girl is then forced to make a judgment, right then and there, about how she feels about THEM.

And if you haven't laid the proper groundwork beforehand, chances are the girl is going to reject you.

MISTAKE #2: They Are Not Obvious Enough!

On the flip side of that coin are the guys who communicate NO INTEREST AT ALL, yet in their minds they think that the girl should know how they are feeling. Then, when they make their move, the girl is surprised because up to this point, she had no idea the guy was interested in her!

MISTAKE #3: They Rely More On Words Than Actions

Although, flirting includes what you say and the way you say it, the most powerful performance comes from your non-verbal body language. The small simple things like raising an eyebrow, tilting your head to one side and that wicked little grin, that carries the most meaning in a seemingly innocent remark.

MISTAKE #4: They Take Things Too Seriously

Flirting, when done right, is light and fun. When guys try and make flirting more serious romantic gestures, the tension begins to break down.

You are doing something wrong when you or the woman is not having fun while you flirt.

Although, there are other mistakes, these few should give you some ideas. Would you like to learn the proper way to begin flirting?

Use as many sexual overtones as possible, this is a good way to flirt, however, you must keep it subtle.

Here is an example, if you are in a bar and the woman with you orders a drink and then asks if you want something, you can jokingly say, You are not trying to get me intoxicated so you can take advantage of me, are you? Say all this of course, with a wink and a nod.

This communicates your interest, it's insinuating sex, but you're not coming outright and saying it. It's implied, and it's fun, and its light hearted.

Another example may be, when a woman makes a sexy remark, you say to her, Stop trying to tempt me, you vixen, you know I never kiss a woman on the first date.

Consider how this works.

Then, as you begin to flirt more and more, you can start getting a little more obvious about your interests, while never really crossing that line.

While doing this, you begin to notice the attraction that is building between you and the woman. Before much longer, all that harmless flirting turns into outright seduction.

The real fun begins at this point.

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