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Even If You Are Ugly, You Can Attract Women

   By: Joseph Matthews

Even If You Are Ugly, You Can Attract Women

Joseph Matthews

One of the biggest issues I have to deal with when it comes to my students is the idea that they are too ugly to attract women.

There are various sizes and shapes of insecurity, such as:

Some guys think they're too old.

Some men think they are too fat.

They could be too short.

Some think they're too ugly.

Many men feel hopeless when it comes to attracting the woman they desire, because of such feelings.

But lucky for all of us - this simply isn't the case.

Here we can dismiss a few myths concerning attraction, which may be holding you back from a successful love life.

Myth #1 - You have to be good looking to get women.

Take a good look around and take not of the different types of men who date attractive women, and you can see this is not true.

Simply put, it is essential to look good regardless of your physical attractiveness.

How is there a difference?

Although you cannot control whether you are good looking or not, however you do have control of how you present yourself. You do control how you groom and the clothes you wear, your hairstyle, how you smell and so on.

Presentations of these types of features play a role in looking good.

Any man can be attractive when he controls his appearance.

Myth #2 - Women Think Like Men Do

Naturally, we all think that everyone sees things in the same way you see those things.

Take for example; you have a zit on your nose that feels so big that you are sure everyone notices it there. However, in reality the pimple is under your skin and not viewable to everyone else in the world.

Very few people if any will notice, while to you it is obvious.

Keep in mind that this method is generally in use when it comes to assessing any individual. Based on her looks you judge a woman, while sizing the woman up visually and then you decide if you think she is attractive, right.

nature, you think a woman sizes you up in the same manner as you do her.


Women have different criteria for determining attraction than men do. That's not to say they don't care if a man is attractive or not. But they don't place as much importance on physical characteristics as us guys do.

A womans attraction bases itself around how a man makes them feel, rather than how a man might look. This is why social status and confidence attract women. Men who make them laugh, they find attractive. Being good at what you do attracts women. Try to understand how this works. For women, looks have very little to do with all of this.

Myth #3 - Women Notice Men's Insecurities

Understand that we know ourselves better than anyone else ever will. We are able to pick out every single flaw there is about ourselves - our big ears, big nose, weak chin, receding hairline...

No matter what it is, we see it!

Since we see our flaws, we naturally presume that others do too, when in fact the majority of people do not pay attention. Unless that is, they look especially for some characteristic to hold against you. Most fret over their own insecurities whatever they may be, without noticing yours.

Many men may call attention to their shortcomings while trying to dismiss and diffuse the things that make them feel insecure. Consequently, all this type of behavior does is managing to call the attention of the woman to the area of insecurity; otherwise, she may not even notice it.

And insecurity is always unattractive.

In order for your positive qualities to outshine those that you find negative, you must always face every situation with a focus on your good qualities rather than any insecurity.

Myth #4 - Good Looking Guys Have It Easy

Get a grip guys, this is the biggest myth of them all. Women do not automatically flock to a good looking man.

Those men have their own set of problems with women. Clearly in the beginning being attractive physically does help, however they have the same issues as the rest of us.

Attraction is about amping up the emotion that a woman feels when she's around you, and linking it to you in such a way where they only way she can get those feelings back is to be around you.

When a man matches the physical type of man, a woman prefers she naturally gravitates towards him, simply because those features appeal to her. Those feelings go away if she considers the man to be incompatible, a jerk or a bore.

For example, take a man that a woman is not physically attracted to initially and then give them some time while he causes her to experience pleasure, excitement and fun, eventually, she will become attracted to him.

Making others feel good causes them to want to be with you, this is a fundamental of attraction.

Being a good looking man does not mean, you make women feel good. You simply need to learn how to mingle and interact with women.

But the second aspect to this equation is SEXUAL attraction.

This is where, in addition to making people feel good, you also turn them on.

This is where the aspect of seduction comes into play.

When you begin to lead a woman down the path of sexual attraction, even if you don't look like Brad Pitt, she's going to begin to see you in a whole new light - despite any of the shortcomings you may think you have. Meet Women by subscribing for Joseph Matthew's complimentary dating tips, where you can receive all the latest techniques and methods on how to attract women.

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