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How Can You Trust Anyone In Today's Society?

   By: Charlie Reese

How Can You Trust Anyone In Today's Society?

Charlie Reese

According to the Holy Bible, you shouldn't trust anyone but God alone. The older you get, the older you will realize that trust is something that must be earned and nobody on the face of the planet can guarantee you that for life except for God. People often feel betrayed by their loved ones and by those that have called themselves "friends." The key in life is to find people that you can trust somewhat. This seems to be the key word here because you can never trust someone entirely.

I want to believe that there are good people in the universe that do some really rediculous things. However, it should never cause you to feel like you can trust or distrust certain people. Remember that Jesus is the only being in this world that you can fully place your trust in. Every human being on the planet will eventually disappoint you to one degree or another. When you look at your own life, you must try to see why you are placed on planet earth and why Jesus has placed you in this life at this particular time. What are you supposed to be learning and why are you here?

Testing men and women from time to time with small things so that you can see how much you can believe in them. Belief is something that is earned and often we can forgive a person that has messed up. It becomes harder to forgive when somebody keeps on doing the same mistakes over and over again. If you believe that a person has betrayed you, then it's really important for you to just take a seat and ask the Lord if you can trust that person again. Remember that there are different levels of trust. There are certain individuals in our life that you should knowingly stay completely away from. These are people that fail your trust 70% of the time. You want to keep the men and women around that are loyal to you most of the time. When someone betrays your trust, you must look at this as being a learning lesson.

Many psychics have a person that they call their best mate. This is someone that has shown you their admiration to one degree or another. This is someone that you hopefully value in your existense and perhaps have placed a lot of trust in. Always know inside of your being, that the Lord is the one that should be your best friend and the one that you confide most in. It is alright to look to others for some type of psychic advice. However, please know that advice can come to us from time to time and we usually only know little about trust. When push comes to shove, it is our spiritual nature and ego that truly makes us learn more about our own life to some degree. When we begin to feel love, we can begin to see why the Lord is allowing us to grow for the most part.

It is so important to find those that you can count on and psychic friends that you can grow to believe in to a certain degree. However, many psychics make the error of thinking that they can trust someone completely and then they find out later that they have been hurt by the person that they assumed was trustworthy. Ask Jesus today to give you personal friends that you can rely on and grow to trust to a certain level.

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