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Tremendous Love

   By: Healthy Wealthy nWise

Tremendous Love

Healthy Wealthy nWise

Charlie "Tremendous" Jones began his career in insurance in his early 20's. Within one year, he was awarded a Most Valuable Associate Award, and within ten years, he received the company's highest management award. He later went on to start his own consulting business, Life Management Services.

Charlie Jones isn't all insurance. He has authored nine books and is a motivation and leadership speaker the likes of which no one has ever seen. He is most known for his book "Life Is Tremendous". Charlie's life is so tremendous that he has a passion for helping unfortunate children.

Now in his 80's, married to the same woman all of his adult life, you might consider Charlie Jones an expert on relationships as well. Commitment, not love, is the key to a healthy marriage. Charlie believes a woman needs a man who is willing to stay by her side through all of life's trials.

What makes you different from the person you'll be in five years, according to Charlie Jones, is the books you've read and the people you've met. Each of us is nothing more than what our experiences have taught us to be. The more you learn, the more you can become. Charlie encourages people to read just as he has always done.

Charlie Jones got the nickname "Tremendous" because it's a word he says a lot. When someone announces the birth of a baby or the purchase of a new house, he says, "Tremendous!" He's also the author of a book called "Life is Tremendous", so the name stuck with him.

Charlie feels that the name Tremendous sounds like the name of a wrestling star or football legend. He'd rather be referred to as "Learning Jones" or "Thankful Jones". He has a sincere heart, is thankful to God for every one of life's blessings and challenges, and he truly enjoys helping others. His goal in life is to pass on that passion to others.

Charlie Jones grew up in the 1930's, a time when everyone was poor. Although they didn't attend any religious services themselves, Charlie's parents always sent him and his siblings to church alone. It was through a dedicated Bible class teacher that Charlie's devout faith in God was born. In turn, Charlie shows his godly love to poor children by inviting them to is estate home, complete with hot dogs, popcorn, Christmas presents (year round) and an amusement park.

Charlie never waters down his faith in God, but he doesn't expect people of other religions to do so either. He respects everyone's right and duty to believe what they feel is right. He's a non-judgmental person, and he loves people of all backgrounds and faiths. Love is at the heart of everything he does.

If you want to be inspired and learn about love and spirituality, let Charlie Tremendous Jones point out how. Learn how to be "Tremendous" by visiting Charlie Tremendous Jones

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