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So You Want Another Shot With Your Former Love

   By: Justin Krawl

So You Want Another Shot With Your Former Love

Justin Krawl

Regardless of who dumped who, if you want your ex-girlfriend back you are going to have to accept some realities of life and experience some personal growth. Since you are the one who wants her back, you are the one who has to initiate some changes, be truthful with both yourself and her, and stop behaving immaturely. Even if both of you were wrong, it is noble of you to be the first one to admit it. She will probably soon follow suit.

Tell Her 100% Facts, Not Fiction

First of all, once you have your ex-girlfriend's undivided attention, you are going to have to level with her. You can't do that without laying all of the cards on the table. So you have to tell her the whole truth about everything that caused the break up.

Do not be shy with her. At times you may want to be indirect about an issue and decide to ignore the big problem at hand, as some pairs do. Talk about the vital issue that was the grounds for your breakup and don't be scared. It is impossible to have a true understanding if you don't discuss the problem. You want to directly address the issue honestly if the cause of the breakup, for example, was related to your ex-girl's best pal catching you flirting with another female.

Make it known that you dated the new female because you were testing other alternatives, if that is the truth. If you tell a fib and say it was your long lost sister from out of town., you are making things worse. Many females are hiding a secret that they don't want to tell you. It is that they are attracted to the truth, even when it upsets them. They will soon forget about the lie after being irate at first, but only to an extent. The beauty of your honesty will wear out fast if you don't have a desire for correcting the negative offenses you have committed.

She Needs a Moment Before Making a Decision on Your Plea

Don't pressure your ex-girlfriend to give you an answer on whether she will take you back right away. That is likely to chase her further away. Instead, you should state your case, and then explain to her that you understand if she needs some time to process your request to have her back. Women don't usually like to be pressured into decisions, especially those that have to do with relationships. The less you pressure her the more quickly she will melt back into your arms. Just give her some time.

Harmless Seconds, Minutes, and Hours With Her are Key to Your Success

You must remember to be mature when you're back in a place where you are hanging out with your former girlfriend. Avoid being the self-centered, bothersome prick you previously were with her. If you don't, you'll jog her memory as to why you split up in the first place. That just works against your purpose.

One big example is sex, don't beg her for it. If every time you see her you are asking her for sex, you are telling her that you really just want her back for a booty call. Any sensible woman will see right through that game.

Young man, there is some progress to be made before seeking to regain your ex-gal. Your guides in this quest must be tolerance, integrity, and logical reasoning.

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