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Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back With Some Confidence

   By: Justin Krawl

Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back With Some Confidence

Justin Krawl

Most likely, if your ex-girlfriend dumped you, she is probably not going to be very excited about answering your calls or texts. If you dumped her, she might be a lot more receptive to your attempts at reconnecting. Either way, you have to be able to communicate with her effectively in order to get her back. Once you have established a line of communication, here are your next steps.

First of all, once you have your ex-girlfriend's undivided attention, you are going to have to level with her. You can't do that without laying all of the cards on the table. So you have to tell her the whole truth about everything that caused the break up. Don't hold back here. Some couples "talk around" a subject and try to ignore the 3,000 pound pink elephant in the room. Don't be afraid to speak directly about the main issue that caused your breakup. If you don't address it, a true reconciliation is impossible. For example, if your ex-girlfriend's best friend caught you hanging out with another girl, causing the breakup, you want to immediately address that issue truthfully.

If you were out with the girl because you were exploring other options, then say so. Don't continue the lie by saying it was your cousin from out of town. A secret that most women won't reveal is that they are suckers for the truth, even when it hurts. They will be mad at first, but soon get over it. This is only true to an extent. If you don't intend on changing the behavior then the novelty of your truthfulness will wear out quickly.

Have you ever been pressured into doing something that you were still unsure about? Maybe it was a business deal, or an expensive purchase at an electronics store. If so, you know that sometimes pressure can make you want to run away and become skeptical, rather than bringing you closer to an idea.

If you pressure her into making a decision right away, or even go so far as to give her an ultimatum, you will most likely push her away rather than bring her closer. Don't be a stalker. Give her time to think about getting back together with you. It may be weeks, or it may be months. How long you are willing to wait depends on how much you really want her.

To rekindle the flame, spend quality time with your ex. Take her to quiet, romantic spots rather than the loud, crowded places where you may have taken her in the past. Give her space and hold an actual conversation with her. Don't just spend 90% of the conversation talking about you; this is about her, isn't it? So talk about her, ask her how she's doing and what she's been up to since your breakup. It will show her how much you are still into her as a person, and that you do not look at her as an object.

Put yourself into your ex-girlfriend's mindset when trying to win back her affections. A smart woman will see through any game. Be honest with her, show her respect, and allow her sufficient time to make the right decision. Follow these steps to the letter and it is likely that your ex-girlfriend will give you another opportunity to make things work.

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