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When Was Heart Disease Really Discovered?

   By: Hunter Jones

Information on When Was Heart Disease Discovered

Heart disease is really an umbrella term, one which includes a number of different heart related conditions. Especially if your family has a history of heart disease or you have dealt with heart problems in the past, you should make yourself educated on the issue of heart disease, including on when was heart disease discovered.

When Was Heart Disease Discovered?

When it comes to answering the question of when was heart disease discovered, there are actually a few different things that need to be discussed. Before 1900 there were actually very few people who died from heart disease, and this is even more reason why people in general should be more informed on the question of when was heart disease discovered.

One of the main reasons that heart disease became such a common problem is because of the serious change in diet. Machines were built to homogenize milk, process cheese, churn butter, and make ice cream, and now that these foods were no longer made by hand they were much easier to get and therefore people began eating more of them.

Then there is also the significant technological advances that came about, and because computers were basically able to do everything, people did not have to go out as much and physically work to do the tasks as they once had to.

The combination of a sedentary lifestyle and a rich diet ultimately led to people becoming overweight, and as well an increase in clogged blood vessels, heart attacks and strokes.

Today the causes of heart disease are actually unknown, but there are many effective methods of treatment that are available. First a proper assessment and diagnosis must be made, and after this the attending physician will determine what the best treatment method is going to be.

Exercise stress tests are used to measure symptoms, blood pressure and EKG during exercise, all which will help to keep an eye on one's condition. There are also imaging procedures which may be used and which provide still or moving pictures through x-ray or CT scans. Surgical procedures are a more serious option here, and help by bypassing clogged arteries, replacing valves, and inserting pacemakers.

It is important for any heart disease sufferer to understand about the question of when was heart disease discovered, and to work together with their doctor if they do develop heart disease in order to have an eye kept on their condition and so the doctor can make sure that they are making proper progress.

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