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Sailing Vessels Come In Many Forms

   By: Jordan Thompson

The Different Types of Sailing Vessels

There are many different types of sailing vessels. Most of them you have heard of, some of them you have not. No matter what intention or feature you need out of a boat, you can find the right sailing vessel for you. There are different kinds of sailing vessels for different kinds of sailing, as with any kind of vehicle. Be careful when choosing your sailing vessel, and be sure that the vessel you choose is the right one for you. Make sure when you look for a sailing vessel, your buy is well-researched and not an impulse buy. This can result in a bad buy or unsatisfactory vessel.

What types of sailing vessels are there?

There are multiple types of sailing vessels out there that are available to anyone. They are: barque, barquentine, bilander, brig, brigantine, caravel, carrack, clipper, cog, corvette, cutter, dhow, dinghy, frigate, fishing smack, fluyt, galleon, hermaphrodite brig, junk, ketch, Koch, longship, lugger, luzzu, pram, schooner, ship of the line, snow, sloop, xebec, yawl, catamaran.

This seems like a nearly unlimited line is ships, but when you get down to it, it really isn't very much. It all depends on what you want your boat to do. If you are looking for a fun, race-type boat, a dinghy is right up your alley. If you looking to sail the open seas in style a caravel is an impressive looking ship and its easy to maneuver. If your looking for an old-style cargo ship, a fluyt is perfect. They are old, large ships that were primarily used as cargo ships for the Dutch. Some ships, such as the Koch, were made to be sailed through cold and icy waters.

They have unique features about them that allow them to be undamaged from ice. One simple, easy to use ship would a sloop. These ships were also designed by the Dutch, they were probably used as exploration ships or fishing ships. Anther rather small ship was the English, bilander. They were small ships mainly used for traffic on smaller bodies of water. The junk is an ancient Chinese sailing vessel that was thought to be very innovative at the time. If you want a fast ship with multiple-masts, then a clipper is right up your alley. They were mainly used as trade ships back in the 15

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