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The Types Of Cedar Wood Used In Railings

   By: Adam Peters

The Types Of Cedar Wood Used In Railings

Adam Peters

This article provides ideas for installation of wood railings and other wood products. It also provides tips on how to increase the life expectancy of your wooden articles.

No doubt wood has been extensively used for construction of railings since ages, but the introduction of cheaper and longer lasting materials have changed its market forever. Learn the types and kind of woods available for manufacturing of railings

Wood Railings - Elegant And Stylish

Traditionally a variety of materials, such as brick, stone and metal have been used in construction of porch railings, but wood has always been one of the most preferred materials. Along with all its other characteristics and advantages, only wood has the ability to add the touch of class and grandeur to your home. And installing wooden DIY railings are comparatively easier, as all it required is time and supplies.

Decreasing Use Of Wood In Railings

Despite all its advantages, wooden furniture or railings has failed to maintain its demand in the market. The introduction of new, cheaper and durable materials has further decreased its use in manufacturing of railings. Only DIY enthusiasts are the ones who prefer wooden railings. The biggest fallback of wood is its maintenance, regular polishing and sanding is required to keep it in good shape. This is a time consuming and expensive job, as only a well-trained person can do these jobs effectively.

The choices available in cedar railings

Basically railings are made out of two types of cedar wood, milled cedar and peeled cedar. The name itself speaks about the type and how it is made. During season, the cedar goes through a natural process of shedding its bark. The bark is allowed to peel of naturally and the bark that stays on is peeled off manually. Once the peeling is completed the bare trunk is exposed, which is used for manufacturing railings. This natural process helps in preserving its scent and maintains the natural look. Milled cedar is much more smoother compared to the hand peeled cedar, as it is processed in mills to get the polished look.

Cedar is available in two natural colors, red and white. The red colored cedar tends to loose its original color over a period of time, but the white cedar retains its original shade through out its life. Its life expectancy is good; it can last for a very long period only if maintained properly and kept moisture free.

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