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How To Court A Woman: 4 Simple Steps

   By: John Harris

How To Court A Woman: 4 Simple Steps

John Harris

When a woman feels attraction towards a man, it is an effect of the man displaying to her that he has good genes.

A woman wants to bear high-quality offspring, (biologically). As a result, her #1 reason when deciding on a mate is if the man has demonstrated alpha male qualities (superior genes). Now, women don't make this choice consciously. It is a result of years and years and years of evolution.

Humans are animals. Advanced animals, but animals nonetheless. When a woman is drawn to a man, her thoughts are not "He has good genes so I want to reproduce with him so I can have good offspring".

Rather, her thoughts are "He is attractive. I like him. He makes me feel feminine and attractive". Her emotions tell her, not her logical, sensible conscious mind.

The attraction of a woman is a four part process and the following covers the progressions. The four steps are:

1. The man demonstrates alpha male qualities and puts in the woman's field of view.

2. The man receives signals from the woman that she is interested.

3. The man approaches the woman.

4. The man tactfully gives the woman an opportunity to be alone with him.

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