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There Is A Juice Plus Scam

   By: Dale Viviano

What You Need to Know About the Juice Plus Scam

When Juice Plus came out people believed all their claims, listeners readily accepted all of the claims as facts. Juice Plus is a scam that has been going on for a long time, even though some people claim that Juice Plus has been a wonderful addition to their diets. Many people believed Juice Plus has scammed them into believing that their line of capsules is really "whole food" in a pill. Many people believe that they are not actually as effective as they claim. Before taking Juice Plus, please do your research.

The Issues Involved

Many people say that Juice Plus has helped make them feel and even live longer. Some have claimed it fights even the roughest cold, and some people even claim that Juice Plus isn't a scam and it is an amazing product. Some people believe that the Juice Plus scam is just a farce, and people who aren't satisfied just aren't using the product correctly. This is not usually the case.

Many people don't fall for the "whole food" in a pill claim; the real deal is just to eat regular fruits and vegetables. Many people believe Juice Plus is a scam because they don't back up their product with research. This is very important to have scientific results, but Juice Plus claims all their satisfied customers are all of the scientific research that they need. And people still buy the product, so somebody out there likes it.

Another reason some think Juice Plus is a scam is because it doesn't offer a very potent dosage of any fruit or vegetable in its supposed "whole food" pill. Many people also believe that Juice Plus is extremely over-priced for the lack of results they are getting. What you spend on Juice Plus in a year, you could easily buy ten times that in real fruits and vegetables. Why not buy real fruits and vegetables that are less-expensive, the real deal, and better tasting?

Many nutritionists have evaluated the research done by various clinical studies. While there were some studies that found Juice Plus to be a small help, but the over-all research was very general and ultimately inconclusive. In addition to that, many nutritionist believe that people should eat whole fruits and vegetables, not try to create a shortcut by taking a supposed "whole fruits and vegetable" pill. Before trying any nutritional product like Juice Plus, you should talk to your doctor.

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