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What Is The Best HDTV Antenna To Purchase?

   By: Jordan Thompson

How to Choose the Best HDTV Antenna

If you have just bought a HDTV you are probably looking for the best HDTV antenna. Well guess what? There is no such thing as a HDTV antenna, it's just a buzzword made up by marketing people to sell antennas. However there are certain antennas that do better with a HDTV. There are a few things that you should know before you go looking for the best HDTV antenna to make sure that you get great picture quality. Nothing would be worse than having an expensive HDTV and then having lousy reception.

Outdoor Multi Directional Antennas

First up the best HDTV antenna is probably an outdoor antenna. There are indoor antennas that are quite popular but these are probably not the best HDTV antennas for everyone. If your house is not near enough the transmitting towers then you will have to keep changing the position of the antenna. Not something you want to do in the middle of a movie or even worse a live event. So stick to outdoor antennas to get the best HDTV antenna.

There are also multi directional and directional antennas. A directional antenna can pick up signals from further away but it must be faced in only one direction. So unless all the channels you want are being transmitted from the same direction you may need more than one directional antenna. A multi directional antenna has the advantage of being able to pick up signals from different directions and might be the better antenna for you.

Distances and Color Zones

If you live in a remote area then you will probably have to use a directional antenna. This will give you better reception and also cut down the interference of reflective buildings and mountains. Multi directional antenna are good to use if you are only a short distance or medium distance away from the transmitting towers. Any further and you will get bad reception with a multi directional antenna.

Another way to get the best HDTV antenna for your home is to determine what color zone you are in. The Consumer Electronics Association has seven color zones that categorize reception quality. The colors are yellow, green, light green, red, blue, violet and pink. Yellow areas have the best reception while pink has the worst. The Consumer Electronics Association recommends specific outdoor TV antenna for each color zone. Find out which color zone you are in and you will be able to find the best HDTV antenna for your home.

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