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Limu Moui Juice: Abc, Cbs, Fox & Nbc News Gives Thumbs Up

   By: Rick London

Limu Moui Juice: Abc, Cbs, Fox & Nbc News Gives Thumbs Up

Rick London

Most my readers know I am not one to write about health articles though I do have an interest in alternative medicine. In my younger days, having been in the health food business, I realize, in hindsight, a lot of it is hype, in fact most. But I recently had an epiphanany with Limu Moui, or at least the active ingredient fudiocan.

Sheila knows her stuff and her website provides more than sufficient information.

She told me she had become a distributor for this new health product that could be one of the, if not the most powerful immune system booster and healer on the planet. Of course I was skeptical as you can imagine. I've been studying herbology, vitamins, etc. for decades. What was this limu moui?

I reluctantly watched the video on her website at her request. I was very glad I did, given that I have a weakened immune system from congestive heart failure.

I was very surprised to find the western medical establishment actually gave the studies a thumbs up. I was even more surprised it derived from Tongan seaweed.

Of course, there are no claims on the site. That part didn't bother me as I've worked in the health food industry and understand keenly what we are to say and not say. And she said it correctly.

The fruity drink contains mango, pears, apples (I think that was the combo and maybe others in a glass bottle). Though some might call it "pricey", I looked at the price and, compared with many health food products that offer much less, and do not have the thumbs up from the medical and science community, it is actually relatively inexpensive, and, can probably make up for the price in a matter of month, sans more doctor bills for (name your pain du jour).

Though I usually don't, I have to recommend this one. It is quite unique in the huge array of health products available for just about anything. It is one with real science behind it, and very little hype. I would recommend visiting the site, and getting educated at the very least. It even shows how to become a distributor (who apparently are making a very good living).

Much ado on the news lately about the alleged proven health drink limu juice. Products & business opportunities are now open worldwide from Sheila Parrish limu distributorship, and The Limu Company

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