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Wholesale Name Brand Clothing Saves Money

   By: Howard Brule

Wholesale Name Brand Clothing Saves Money

Howard Brule

The concept of wholesale buying isn't new. The leverage obtained from wholesale buying or "economies of scale" was first documented two thousand years ago. This concept has universal applicability. In this article, we shall discuss the illustration of its use in the procurement of clothes. The benefits of wholesale clothing purchases are fairly obvious - consumers can save money.

Let's trace the path traveled by clothes before they reach the end customer. Garment units manufacture clothes and supply to sales distributors. These distributors in turn supply to wholesalers. The wholesalers then supply clothes to a retail store from where the end customer buys it. At every step of this chain, a significant cost of transaction is added to the cost of manufacture. The end result is that the customer has to pay more so that these transaction agents get their commission. Trade in wholesale clothing eliminates some of these agents and therefore results in cost benefits.

Here we should consider the advantages from the manufacturer's viewpoint. In the past, producers of goods saw smaller profits than wholesalers, suppliers and distributors. With those others taken out of the loop, a manufacturer can be sure that more money goes into his pockets. It's a better deal for both manufacturer and consumer. The consumer purchases less expensive garments but the manufacturer still sees more of a profit than he otherwise would.

With the advent of retail chains, the concept of wholesale clothing got a major boost. Since these chains procure in very large quantities, they are able to pass on the accrued benefits to customers. However, these chains want to do away with stocks as soon as possible. Therefore, this provides added incentives for wholesale buying. Wholesale purchases are often rewarded with additional gifts.

Another beneficial aspect of whole clothing is that you will end up buying coordinating pieces that are truly unique. Too often, we are almost paralyzed by the vast selection of clothing and buy clothing we do not really want or purchases duplicate pieces without realizing it. Buying wholesale allows you to match tops with pants, a task that is difficult when buying items individually.

Our world is a brand conscious world, and people want items to both use and to show off as well. This is true for everything, including clothing. Don't go on thinking that trendy designs such as hip hop clothing are not available at wholesale prices. They are - especially at online wholesale clothing outlets. Even the most expensive labels out there wholesale designer clothing to attract customers. And much of this designer clothing is moved through wholesale designer clothing websites. Wholesale children's clothing from Ice Canada a wholesale clothing provider of all major brand names and designer urban wear. Howard Brule does article marketing that rocks. Get your own completely unique content version of this article.

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