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Creating Unique Gifts Using Cross Stitch Wedding Patterns

   By: Julia Wigham

Creating Unique Gifts Using Cross Stitch Wedding Patterns

Julia Wigham

People often look for unique gifts to give to a new bride and groom and cross stitch wedding patterns are a way to create a great gift and provide a couple a family heirloom that can be passed down for generations and serve as a great reminder of a special day. Marriage patterns can also be used to make anniversary presents.

Sampler style cross stitch wedding patterns are very popular and dominate the number of items available. Sampler patterns often have some sort of fancy border. The patterns also come complete with instructions on all the different letters of the alphabet and numbers, so that people can customize the gift for the bride and groom. Larger sampler projects will often also contain some sort of romantic quote or biblical verse as part of the design.

A considerable number of wedding patterns feature a religious theme. Scripture verses such as 1 Corinthians 13:38 and Luke 6:48 are two of the most commonly used in reference to love and marriage. Religious symbols such as the Cross or the Star of David are also common in religious themed samplers.

Dimensions offers over 20 different cross stitch wedding patterns, most sold as kits complete with the mat, instructions, and thread. Many are samplers, and the instructions include complete alphabets, while some are complex, photo-realistic pictures. Other companies that produce marriage themed kits or patterns are Bucilla and Janlynn. Some of Bucilla's patterns and kits are cross branded with Mary Engelbreit.

There are two books by Leisure Arts that have wedding patterns to cross stitch. Each only has one or two wedding patterns mixed in with several other types of patterns. They are "The Best of Paula Vaughan" with a pattern titled Wedding Ring Bouquet and "The Best of Teresa Wentzler: Sampler Collection". McCall's published a book with several wedding samplers called "Better Homes & Garden's Country Cross Stitch".

In addition to gifts, there are many items that are used in the actual wedding ceremony that can be stitched. Some people embroider their wedding dress; a handkerchief for the bride to carry offers a personalized touch; and the ring bearer's pillow can be cross stitched with the bride and groom's initials or other personal information.

So whether you choose a sampler, a pillow for the ring bearer, a picture frame or any one of a number of other items, cross stitch wedding patterns are a wonderful piece of artwork that allows you to give a unique wedding gift that will always provide a reflective memory for the bride and groom.

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