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Herbal Remedies To Stop Snoring May Help

   By: Francis Brompton

Try Herbal Remedies to Stop Snoring First

If you suffer from snoring you may have already tried over the counter solutions and found that they either don't work or are very uncomfortable. Mouth pieces are thought to be effective but some people cannot continue using them due to the discomfort they feel at night when using such products. Surgery, aside from being expensive, seems like a drastic measure and something you would like to avoid. So what's left? You may be able to use herbal remedies to stop snoring for much less than conventional snoring remedies. Herbal remedies also have the advantage of being natural and so do not produce side effects.

Clearing Congestion

Snoring is sometimes caused by congestion, particularly in those who suffer from sinus. There are several herbal remedies available to stop snoring targeted at people who suffer from congestion. Using a few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint essential oils in a steam inhaler can relieve congestion and snoring for some people. Marjoram oil is also an essential oil prescribed for snorers, it is recommended that you leave a jar of marjoram oil open in your room before going to sleep to aid breathing. Goldenrod and goldseal are two herbal remedies used to stop snoring that are also thought to be good decongestants that can help snorers.

Ginger and honey together have a soothing effect and help to lubricate the throat to prevent snoring and have the bonus of curing colds. Another way to cure snoring is by using a nasal spray, there are several herbal nasal sprays available, these sprays have no side effects unlike conventional nasal sprays which may be addictive and damage the membrane in the nostrils. One of the herbal remedies to stop snoring is to use anti snoring pills. Herbal pills are made from natural enzymes and herbs that aim to restore certain secretions such as mucous to reduce nasal congestion.

Most herbal remedies to stop snoring are aimed at a specific cause of snoring, congestion. However not everyone's snoring may be caused by this. If you suffer from sleep apnea you need to seek treatment from a doctor as this is a potentially life threatening sleep disorder. Herbal remedies to stop snoring can be helpful but they are not for everyone, you may find that although these remedies work for others they do not for you. The plus side is that most herbal remedies are much cheaper than other snoring cures and have no side effects, so there's no harm in trying.

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